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  Zhangzhou Nanjing "twin" period; creative market attraction – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Nanjing "twin" during the creative market to see the third session of the Nanjing Tulou International Marathon scheduled to start in November 26th, during the event, the Tulou marathon end point — River soil pit buildings Yuchang building also held a "cultural heritage?" 2016 Nanjing Tulou International Marathon activities? Qing Pu cultural creative bazaar ", public assembly of the Nanjing puppet show, Fujian Tulou paper-cut, earthen couplets, tea culture, painting, bamboo, wood and other hand New Year paintings and culture, culture, tourism and sports integration, let the horse marathon runners feel close to the charm of the culture of Hakka tulou. In the painting booth, several foreigners are carefully appreciate earthen paintings. "This is the second time to participate in the Tulou marathon. The marathon gave me the opportunity to take me to the earth, to see the beautiful scenery and interesting cultural." Pierre from France said that over time with his wife and children, parents, brother and sister come together. "Tulou folk are not in France, very love here, love people and people living together inside the earth feel warm." Pierre said that next year will come to earth in the marathon. (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?) 漳州南靖“土马”期间 文创市集有看头–福建频道–人民网 原标题:南靖“土马”期间 文创市集有看头   第三届南靖土楼国际马拉松赛在11月26日开赛,赛事期间,在土楼马拉松的终点――河坑土楼群的裕昌楼里还举办了“‘艺文?传承’2016年南靖土楼国际马拉松?青普文化创意市集”活动,公益集结了福建南靖木偶戏、剪纸、土楼楹联、茶文化、油画、竹编、木板年画等土楼手作及文化,将文化、旅游与体育相融合,让马拉松跑者近距离感受土楼客家文化的魅力。   在油画摊位前,几名外国人正在仔细地欣赏土楼油画作品。“这是第二次来参加土楼马拉松。是马拉松给了我机会带我来到了土楼,见到了美丽的风景和有意思的文化。”来自法国的Pierre说,这次过来还带了老婆孩子、父母、弟弟、弟媳一起过来。“土楼的民俗在法国都没有,很喜欢这里,很喜欢土楼里面人和人住在一起的感觉,热乎乎的。”Pierre说,明年一定还会来土楼参加马拉松。 (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章: