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West ujumqin — grassland tourism paradise – a riot of colours — Sohu xiwuzhumuqin flag prairie paradise a riot of colours everyone has a prairie it or vast vast, desolate and magnificent, or serene, it symbolizes the desire for freedom, a symbol of people yearning for nature, symbol and rhythm of the city completely numb on the contrary the slow life… People… Are always in search of their hearts that want to get a piece of grassland, where quiet, tight long nerve has been a long time to relax. So, from Ordos to Hulun Buir, from Maqu to Bayinbuluk Gan Na, everywhere people’s footprints. But only to West Ujimqin people know, there is a way of grassland, so that the original is a riot of colours, nature is so sacred quiet. In addition to xiwuzhumuqin grassland, no other grassland which can satisfy all people all think about it is a piece of grassland, grassland in your heart. "Ujumqin" is Mongolian, meaning grapes, according to records of thirteenth Century Ujimqin tribal living in Altai mountain grape hill area, the middle of the seventeenth Century the tribe to settle in the place now, hence the name of grassland. West Ujimqin banner is a full of original details but a riot of colours of the grassland. Said xiwuzhumuqin flag filled with original heritage, because here is the original ecology of natural scenery and cultural atmosphere. In the sweet air, you can ride a horse like a green carpet in a clean grasslands gallop, the white horse village experience the essence of soul; you can in this town when listening to Mongolia lark lark crisp chirping, feel the Mongolian people to love the good wish you can send in this; Mongolia national costumes of all to see the bright Mongolia dress, Mongolian children feel you can hear the most authentic with a mettlesome and handsome bearing; the long Mongolia in the long Mongolia Town, the most beautiful music sound, you can see the most wonderful festival performances, see wrestling master English charm; you can relax tight already long nerve, walking in the meandering river, watching the flocks of sheep in the eyes slowly, with the heart to feel this is not modern intrusion like pure land of idyllic beauty of artistic conception Gen Gi Khan; you can climb the mountain?, look afar, embrace a vast and magnificent long experience, Gen Gi Khan in the heart of the world’s mind; you can walk to the devout Buddhist holy prairie five Taiwan and around Ulan, the pilgrims, visit Oboo to washing is the best in all the land of large, complex the world is blinded by the soul, a soul baptism; you can go to the nomadic tribes to experience the most traditional and pure nomadic culture, made in the traditional process of Mongolia, the most authentic drinking horse milk wine, with the most and the traditional way to eat mutton; you can even go into a Mongolia the package, and the local herdsmen to chat, listen to their stories from generation to generation and the nomadic culture of the local. You may not think that people in West Ujimqin still retains the Mongolian culture and language, has been maintained for thousands of years for the customs, they even still use the number of cattle and sheep.相关的主题文章: