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Want to do a Meng Meng Da in Kuranda koala (remember Kuranda tour) – Sohu (Kuranda Village) the tourist town of Kuranda is located in the northeast of the city of Keynes, is a town of less than 2000 people, here is located in the primitive tropical forests, beautiful natural scenery, unique humanities building, "the first Australian rainforest village" the good reputation. The town is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, in addition to the quiet and leisure Tim air, there is a strong artistic atmosphere. There are many Australian Aboriginal artists handmade works of craft shop, and the Australian Koala zoo town (Kuranda Koala Garden), Kiwi (Bird World), park Butterfly Garden (Australian Butterfly Sanctuary). We chose to go back to the cable car on a seven day trip to Kuranda. The car from the hotel to the train station to meet us, and then take a 120 years long history of the Kuranda tourist train to Kuranda. Keynes to Kuranda car winding in the mountains, the whole will be through the world heritage protected tropical rainforest, via number of beautiful and unique waterfalls, spectacular Barron Canyon, as if the clock back journey experience. Through the magnificent Barron falls (Barron Falls), Stoney Gai (Stoney Creek) and steep valleys, enjoy the enchanting beauty of refreshing, arrived at is known as "tropical rainforest in the town of Kuranda. Arrived in Kuranda town after we visited the butterfly garden (Australian Butterfly Sanctuary), there are more than one hundred butterflies to fly, can feel the wonderful butterfly around, including representatives of "lucky and happy" urith beautiful blue butterfly, in native legends, saw a blue butterfly urith lucky, two on behalf of a lifetime of happiness. Even when they fall on you, you just have to say what you wish for, and it will come true for you! The park can enjoy the largest butterfly, Birdwing butterfly, visit the most advanced laboratories in the southern hemisphere, witnessed the transformation of the beautiful butterfly, taking pictures in the Herbarium, keep the most beautiful memories. After visiting the butterfly park our car to shuttle to the tropical rainforest nature park (Rainforestation Nature Park), here after dinner ride amphibious amphibious military vehicles during World War II (Army Duck) through the rainforest hinterland, visit tropical orchard, visit the Aboriginal Cultural Park, learning the javelin throw and fly back to the koala hug Meng Da the wild animal Koala museum. Around four p.m. at the gate of the park on the rainforest rainforest shuttle to Kuranda Skyrail cable station (Kuranda), after the arrival of the transfer Skyrail rainforest tram back Keynes. Cable car 7.5 km, about the whole tour takes about 90 minutes. Return in red peak station and Byron station falls under the cable car tour, at the Byron falls station up to相关的主题文章: