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Venture capital to actively explore the inquiry IPO network placement of new shares is the most active business people’s livelihood Tonghui sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years of experience in developing venture capital veteran IPO inquiry placing of new shares under the net business Minsheng Tonghui most actively involved in the inquiry of 76 people’s livelihood Tonghui only 81 under the placing of new shares net; followed by Pacific assets, Huatai asset, British assets, Yili PICC assets, assets, assets, sun Pacific China United Property Insurance, property insurance, Ping an asset, Zijin Qianhai life insurance, Taikang assets are more than 70 inquiry – reporter Liu Jingyuan IPO shares is in order, insurance playing the new organization, almost a "don’t miss". Since this year, as of August 23rd, the "Securities Daily" reporter according to Wind information statistics, a total of 107 stocks IPO, total fund-raising 64 billion 447 million yuan, of which 81 stocks are part of the net placement, including motherboard stock 43 small plates, the Gem 16 stocks, 22 stocks. A total of 28 insurance agencies involved in the IPO inquiry, the 81 stock inquiry up to reach 76, the coverage of new shares only 81 inquiry, after the fund, unchanged from the largest pension fund brokerage, more than 74 QFII and up to 72 new shares only inquiry mechanism. Wind data show that as of this year, as of August 23rd, 28 of the initial inquiry involved in the management of their own and the insurance funds of the three party, a number of institutions involved in the inquiry of the number of new shares in more than 70. Placing under the net, the most positive livelihood benefits through participation of inquiry, inquiry in only 76 of 81 new shares under the net placement in the coverage of up to 93.8%. The 76 of this inquiry covering the amount of new shares, only less than 81 of a number of fund companies, unchanged from the broker, higher than the social security fund up to 74 and QFII’s only. 76 new shares livelihood Tong Hui involved in the inquiry, the board has 40 small board stocks, 14 stocks, the gem stock 22. That is to say, only in the 3 main livelihood benefits through shares and 2 shares of small plates placed under the net inquiry link does not appear, and their participation in all 22 of the GEM stocks of placing under the net. Declare the discount premium, livelihood benefits through this ratio (arithmetic mean) overall is 0.9967, among them, the board shares declared premium or discount rate is 1.0040, 1 shares of small plates, the GEM stocks for 0.9812. The capital account in addition to the products involved in the inquiry and the people’s livelihood insurance capital account portfolio insurance tube its remittance, the survey and many other series, including life insurance, health insurance, Tian Kunlun, An Huanong Lujiazui Cathay Life Insurance, property insurance, liability insurance, Bohai Changan Asia Pacific Insurance and many other insurance firms and capital account. Following the people’s livelihood Tonghui, Taiping asset in the 75 IPOs inquiry under the net, in second insurance institutions. Huatai assets, assets of two British Yili insurance information management institutions inquiry 74, PICC assets, assets, assets, sun Pacific, China United Property Insurance Theory相关的主题文章: