Two Korea engineering boat drifted to Fuqing waters caused extensive damage to asparagus pigeon blood

Two Korea engineering boat drifted to Fuqing waters caused extensive damage to asparagus parked in the East Han area where a South Korean ship engineering. Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 15th hearing (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) reporter Wang Guanghuiwen photo) recently, a town of East Han Fuqing fishermen to the Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) to reflect that the two large engineering ships marked as Korean during the typhoon drifted into the East Han Zhen Lian Feng Cun aquaculture waters, resulting in damage to farming the sea asparagus and eel seedling. Now more than and 40 days have passed, and one of the works is still anchored on the beach. Two foreign ship floated asparagus damage to a large area of yesterday, the Fuzhou evening news reporter (micro-blog) to the East Han Zhen Lian Feng Cun, local fishermen in the lead, came to the beach of ships. The reporter saw a large engineering ship anchored here, from the exterior, the hull intact, with Korean identity, the captain thirty-four meters. Villagers Lin told reporters that in September 28th, typhoon night, two ship wind drifted into Lian Feng Cun culture area, "hung" in the raising of Gracilaria Taiwan, the vessel through which the waters are local asparagus and eel fry breeding area, will harvest asparagus was on the boat rope drag. A large area of damage. Mr. Lin said, they found nobody after boarding the ship, a ship hull is in Korean ship logo, a crew list is Korean, Korean people afraid of ship again floated out to sea, resulting in farming area two loss, several fishermen chipped in to buy a number of cable fixed vessels by night a few people take turns to look after. "In November 2nd, the arrival of cold air, one engineering ship due to cable broken away again, thanks to the drift did not directly impact to the farming tools." Lian Feng Cun Wei Hui Lin, a responsible person told the reporter, after the statistics, the village a total of more than and 40 farmers damaged. Lian Feng Village Committee responsible person said, they found that the two Korean engineering ships are unpowered ships, by the tug from Vietnam back to South Korea, after the island waters Pingtan pool, typhoon, the tug will ship in situ after anchoring engineering ship it down into the wind drift Lian Feng Cun breeding sea. More than a month without message fishermen worry everywhere claim Lianfeng village fishermen told reporters, a few days later, a man claiming to be from South Korea insurance commissioned officers came to the scene and assessed the damage to the hull, also see the fishermen damaged, request fishermen to help take good care of the ship. But more than a month later, we never got any messages. "We did not find other coordination compensation issues, also did not say what time to towed the boat, the serious loss in aquaculture area cannot claim for fixed boats, fishermen also lose a lot of money every day, also arranged for staff to watch ships." Mr. Lin said. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the name claiming to be commissioned by the South Korean huang. He said that he is only responsible for the survey, and not the agent, the ship also claims not in their company. He understood the situation, to a client report, the next procedure, he did not understand. The reporter asked Mr. Huang to contact the client, the;相关的主题文章: