To impose the villagers illegally built 1.8 million flat Fuzhou Olympic surrounding plots

To levy the villagers illegally built 18 thousand flat channel news network September 24th Fuzhou Olympic surrounding two plots (Haidu reporter Zhang Zhihong) Fuzhou District of Cangshan Olympic sports center around the 14 and 16 plots of land expropriation is to build a new town, Xia mirror village and Jianping village some villagers see the "opportunities" in the two plots of the mountain after the rush to build a large scale steel frame shacks, an area of 18000 square meters, to win the resettlement compensation. Yesterday morning, Cangshan District appearance Bureau and the new town government sent more than 100 law enforcement personnel, the implementation of the mandatory demolition of two illegally built. Yesterday morning, build a new town in the mirror Xia Village on the slopes, in the city a few hook machine Bureau of Cangshan district law enforcement officers under the command of a simple metal housing on the hillside down. Less than 2 hours, after the mountain 6 illegal construction was demolished, the area reached more than 5000 square meters. Since then, the law enforcement officers came to build a new town of Jianping village, in the village after the vacant land and wasteland construction of illegally built iron house is considerable, the iron plate room stretches into two pieces, covering an area of 13000 square meters, law enforcement officers immediately to dismantle illegally built.

福州奥体周边两地块要征收 村民违建1.8万平   海峡网9月24日讯(海都记者 张志宏)福州仓山区奥体中心周边的14和16地块征收在即,建新镇霞镜村和建平村部分村民看到“商机”,在两个地块的后山抢建了大片的铁皮钢架简易房,面积达到18000平方米,用来博取征迁补偿。昨日上午,仓山区市容局和建新镇政府派出执法人员100多人,对两处违建实施强制性拆除。   昨日上午,在建新镇霞镜村后的山坡上,几台钩机在仓山区市容局执法人员的指挥下,将山坡上的简易铁皮房推倒。不到2个小时,后山上6处违建被拆除,面积达到5000多平方米。   此后,执法人员又来到建新镇建平村,在村后的空地及荒地上建设的违建铁皮房更是可观,铁皮房连绵展开分为两大片,面积达13000平方米,执法人员随即对违建进行拆除。相关的主题文章: