This scenic spot in Hangzhou is bigger than that in Singapore, with more tourists than Singapore

This scenic spot in Hangzhou is bigger than that of Singapore, and the number of tourists is much larger than that of Singapore. The Qiandao Lake of Sohu is bigger than you can imagine. The scenic area of 982 square kilometers, Lake area of 573 square kilometers, the lake has 1078 islands, is a veritable Qiandao Lake. If you want to take a boat tour to Qiandao Lake, seven days time. In 2015 the number of visitors more than ten million passengers. Qiandao Lake tourism, more or less with the group tour form. Have a boat from Qiandao Lake pier, fixed line on the island after the tour back in accordance with. Usually choose the 3 island tour, Qiandao Lake is located in the center of the island Meifeng is certain to go. Line up on the pier, cruise ships docked on the shore, be sure to remember the number of boats, because all the boats look almost the same, but the line is not exactly the same. The autumn sky is blue, the water is clear and clean, the lake in the island before is a mountain. Longshan island is not too far from the shore, which is the only one in Thousand Island Lake Cultural main scenic spots, the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the official Hai Rui island sea temple. Just over the summer, the cooler weather, the island also has an early autumn atmosphere, the leaves began to slowly turn yellow. Yellow leaves fall on the stone road, tiny spots, have not had time to clean, bamboo or emerald green, the process of the changing seasons, the first is the perception of the leaves. Hai Rui was an honest and clean in Chunan, beloved. Hai Rui is the mother’s seventy birthday written "Shou", look at is composed of "mother of seventy" four words, Hai Rui is also a calligrapher. The sea is the essence of Longshan island temple. Hai Rui is Guangdong people (offshore South), Qiongshan life honest, upright and outspoken, is a model of the China official history, later known as a sea of blue sky". A sea full of ancient ancestral temple, Chunan people admire and love of Harry’s. Longshan island is not more than half an hour will be able to move on, the tour finished, the island Meifeng on the plum peak is the highest peak in Qiandao Lake. Cruise on the lake, mostly toward the same destination – the island meifeng. Qiandao Lake is composed of 1078 islands, is indeed the real name in fact, each island near the surface of the water are exposed a circle of yellow soil, the image of the "golden belt". The island has a small island, many did not develop, but also to maintain the original ecological appearance, lush forests. In a narrow channel, as the Three Gorges, after passing through the island Meifeng to click into place. Mei Feng is not high, you can walk, you can also take a cable car, as long as a few minutes to reach the peak, but also 20 minutes walk up the mountain. Certainly, the island scattered on the lake, not the size of a boat speeding in the island, occasionally, pulled out a long white line. Ascends the plum peak to watch the island, such journey only then is the perfect. There are not many places to eat on Qiandao Lake, it is best to go back to the shore, where the election to eat -相关的主题文章: