The woman lied to relatives to foster children abducted 5 girls jailed for 15 years after absconding meyou

The woman lied to relatives to foster children abducted 5 girls fled 15 years after jailed for live in Nanyang town of Nantong Qidong City, Shi Moulan is 69 years old. Many years ago, she has abducted 5 girls from Jiangyin to Qidong, more than 1.2 yuan profit. 2000 was approved after the arrest, she has absconded, until last year was arrested. In September 21st, Qidong court verdicts on the crime of child trafficking crime case, Shimou Abram was sentenced in ten years and six months, and was fined 30 thousand yuan. In 1989, Shimou Portland lied relatives to foster children, from view of the town a couple at the get a baby, sold to 750 yuan Qidong coastal town a couple. 1989 to 2000 period, Shi LAN from Jiangyin turned 5 girls, ranging in price from $750 to $3380. In 2000, Shimou Portland is under investigation and approval of arrest, but she has been running away. Qidong city court that Shimou LAN for the purpose of selling, trafficking of children for more than three years, his behavior constituted the crime of trafficking in children, should be held criminally responsible. To protect the personal rights of citizens are not violated, the court then made the above penalty, and ordered Shi Moulan to pay back the illegal income of more than 1.2 yuan.相关的主题文章: