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The United States is now stepping up against funding cases Obama Xu Zhai card – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, according to foreign media reports, recently, the United States has many local infection Zika cases, President Obama to press Congress to grant requirements against Zika virus, or too late for regrets. According to reports, Obama recently issued this appeal in a weekly radio address. According to reports, he had six months ago, public health experts have been required to apply to Congress for emergency funding, but not approved. Data figure: Obama Obama said: "we have been forced to use but to fight Ebola, diseases such as cancer resources." He added: "this is not a sustainable solution. Delaying funding to fight the anti blocking virus will only put more Americans at risk." Obama said that the United States Congress is currently in a seven week recess, in the protection of the American people from the influence of the card does not have any. He pointed out that the Republican Party in the United States Congress should face the threat of the threat of the card, after the end of the holiday to return to Washington, the priority to deal with the threat of blocking the virus. Prior to this, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised its guidelines for blood donation, it is recommended that all donated blood should be detected in the presence of the virus. The agency said it has updated its recommendations on the use of blood in a comprehensive consideration of the serious health consequences of the disease, which may be caused by unborn children and pregnant women, and all scientific evidence. A pointer to the Bureau in February this year issued only asked for from "Zika virus infected blood donors" blood test. Since 2015, the spread of mosquito bites in Brazil and other u.s.. The vast majority of Zika virus infection in 80% patients with mild symptoms, even without any common symptoms, including fever, rash, arthralgia and red eye. But people worry about Zika virus infection of pregnant women will birth children with microcephaly. This disease can cause serious developmental problems and even death. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention data show that the United States currently has more than 2500 people diagnosed with the infection of Zika virus, Puerto Rico and the United States overseas territory has more than 9000 people infected. Most of the cases were infected abroad. There are 584 people infected with the virus in mainland China, and there are about 812 people in the United states. In July this year, the U.S. state of Florida appeared the first local infection of the walled card case has been 42 people infected. WHO pointed out that since 2015, a total of 53 countries in the world have card epidemic.相关的主题文章: