The Miao Fuxiu Zihan Chen negative news comments back to choke the tongue xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

"The Miao Fuxiu" Zihan Chen back to negative news comment Zihan Chen recorded "choke tongue" vaccine Fuxiu Sina entertainment news recently, actor Zihan Chen [micro-blog] to Shanghai to Beijing Taiwan star program "the Miao Fuxiu". The program is known for its sharp rhetoric and controversial argument, the parties to the scene to do the most direct response, can be described as full of interest. This time, Zihan Chen also came to the show, facing the negative news on the network, for their own voice. The beginning of the program, has four rounds of "bombardment" will Zihan Chen’s career and personal life "disclosure" is the debut of Michelle Ye too horrible to look at, especially [micro-blog], to the scene of the tension and the smell of gunpowder rapid upgrades, really let people worried about Zihan Chen. Finally, at the end of a long link Tucao, Zihan Chen wait for chances to speak, stand on the podium pours out his own story, choking back all powerful tongued comments, sincere words and full of positive energy for her in the applause. This is the first time Zihan Chen personally in the television media for their own voice, she first responded to the small three rumors, talked about his hard work all the way to meet the betrayal of friends, and the cause of the rough start. From a character to write three pages of copious and fluent hang to the film "fugitive" without double crossed the sixty burst point of the past, in her story, let the people first such direct understanding of the real Zihan Chen. For more details, please watch the evening of September 13th 21:08 broadcast of the "Miao" Fuxiu.相关的主题文章: