The Metallica Empire Premiere determined! 2017.1.18 landing in Beijing (video) lm3886

The Metallica Empire Premiere determined! 2017.1.18 landing Beijing Metallica band drummer Lars for Beijing fans recorded greetings video Tencent entertainment news November 14th, Beijing, china. Heavy metal rock legend "metal band" (Metallica) and AEG Live officially announced today will return to Chinese next year, and the first landing in Beijing in January 18, 2017 LETV ecological sports center, bringing a new "World Tour" (WorldWired Tour 2017). This is the first time in 2013 after the first band in China, after a lapse of nearly 4 years of return, it is the first show of the metal band in Beijing. The numerous Chinese metal fans, it will be a pilgrimage. The show was hosted by AEG Live. In addition to the Beijing Railway Station, the tour also includes Seoul, China, Hongkong and Singapore have been announced, other Asian cities also announced soon. The concert ticket price of 22801480980680480 yuan, on November 17th at around 2 p.m.. In 2013 Chinese metal band debut billing minutes sold out, the ticket of the remarkable degree sought. The pre-sale, the fans can call the booking hotline 400-610-3721, or landing barley online grab tickets. METALLICA WorldWired Tour January 11, 20172017 Sky Dome Gocheok Seoul: South Korea – Beijing – January 18, 2017: China music as sports center LeSports ecological Center2017 in January 20th: Chinese – Hongkong Asiaworld Expo AsiaWorld-Expo Arena2017 January 22nd: Singapore – Singapore Indoor Stadium Singapore Indoor Stadium metal band recently announced in November 18th by the independent label Blackened Recordings issued eleventh recordings the album "Hardwired… Self-Destruct To ". The double vinyl album is a 2-Disc released multi platinum band won the "Death Magnetic" since 2008 since the first studio album. "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct "has to accept pre order, and there are a variety of versions are available, including: CD version, black offset, digital edition, deluxe and super deluxe edition. The new album "Death Magnetic" is responsible for the production and remix of Greg producer Fidelman. The new album’s first single release has been hot now, the album, fans can download and listen to the first. As one of the world’s most outstanding and influential heavy metal bands, the metal band has long been in the dominant position of heavy metals. For the first time in China in 2013 metal band tickets sold, organizers and in.相关的主题文章: