The little rogue Buddhist a generation of monks Nagarjuna legend

The little rogue Buddhist a generation of monks Nagarjuna legend Nagarjuna is known as 1000 author with many works to his credit, on the main. (source: picture) Nagarjuna born around AD two to third Century, is the southern Tianzhu brahman. The dragon tree was very clever, in very little time, listening to the reading of "classic" Vedic Brahmins, as long as heard again can recite them all. After the age of twenty, his knowledge of astronomy, geography, mathematics, handicraft, martial arts and Taoism and so on all kinds of knowledge and code of Brahmanism, almost all have been finished, and all the master, understanding is also very strong, so the youth has been known throughout the country. He has three friends the same age, the same knowledge, superior intelligence junjie. One day, they together commented: "the world we have to learn all the knowledge, extremely deep understand philosophy also have access to, from now on what fun? Debauchery is the most happy thing, but we are neither princes, nor monastic scholar, can not be arbitrary; only invisibility, can do." Soon, they heard a warlock will go to invisibility, ask for advice. The wizard see four of them, secretly thought: "the four famous moment, proud and arrogant, because now that invisibility, bow to me, if I put everything to their invisibility, their intelligence masterpiece, various knowledge and skills, but do not know if they learn invisibility, invisibility, will not leave. Go to when my disciples. I might as well give them stealth drugs, so that they can also be invisible, but I do not know the specific method, they ran out of stealth drugs, it is necessary to come back to me, so my disciples." So the warlock gave each of them a pill, and told them: "you are in a secluded place, water pills will wear the painted eyelids, people can’t see you." After listening to the tree tree on the spot grinding, smell the smell of the pill, the warlock said: "you have a total of seventy kinds of drug synthesis, right?" The sorcerer was very surprised and asked him how he knew. The dragon tree said, "I am from the smell." The name of a variety of herbs, the amount of all to say no, no error, the warlock mortified: "people like you, it is hundred years rare, heard the name is very difficult, and now I have the luck to meet you, I mean this spell, what is stingy cherish!" Then put the secret purse granted invisibility. Dragon tree four by invisibility, since often ease the palace and the palace beauty hither fun, they have been thin. After more than and 100 days, the palace of beauty, someone pregnant. The king heard this news, great anger, strongly questioned. The wailing concubines said: "we are not virtue, but have to sleep eventually." The king summoned his ministers to discuss countermeasures, an old minister said: "this strange, there are only two possibilities: one is the ghost worship, a sorcerer. Your majesty can be sent to the fine was born in thepalace everywhere, surveillance view, if a warlock footprint, if ghosts no footprints, ghosts available people can spell out except, ax stabbed." The king took the advice and put it into effect immediately. Soon the guards came to the newspaper, it was the magicians.相关的主题文章: