Survey new regulations from the film, second edition version of the foreign box office supervision p

Survey: from the movie the new rules "Second Edition" the new perspective on network supervision in foreign box office on 30 August, Beijing Xinhua News Agency reporter survey: a perspective on the draft law on the promotion of 29 again submitted to the NPC Standing Committee of foreign office supervision of Xinhua News Agency reporters from the movie "the new film industry second edition", the rectification of false content for the second time in the box office to become hot. This is reminiscent of the March this year to create a great sensation "IP MAN 3" box office fraud incident, the incident detonated Chinese film industry to rectify and reform tide of public opinion. According to statistics, over the past few years the national film box office at least 10% was stolen". The foreign film industry had been "stolen" "from" and "empty" phenomenon, but in the complete electronic statistics system, reasonable profit sharing mode, the high cost of fraud before, people talk about the "false" color. Movie box office Monitor Company Rentrak company focused on the global film box office and television viewing related data, the company’s North American theater coverage of 99%, or the end of the 99% movie theaters have docking. Making the audience ticket in 5 seconds to track data, powerful analysis system can real-time according to the time and region, cinema and other dimensions of processing amazing amount of data for market producers, issuers view real-time movies. This avoids the uncertainty caused by manual sampling, basically put an end to the delayed release, data flicker, the box office, a number of bulls and others for the manipulation of the drawbacks. In the 2014 movie "Transformers 4" as an example, the issuer paramount reported more than $100 million at the box office, but the industry data is $97 million, the "3 million" the difference caused great suspicion and criticism in the American film industry. The chief officer issued a film company set says: "Rentrak statistics is so strong, when everyone gets $97 million when they (paramount) can be calculated 100 million, the simple fact is that their data is not true." Not only the United States, South Korea’s ticketing statistics system is also quite strong. South Korea movie ticketing information system (KOBIS) can reflect the real situation of movie tickets and statistics of the national cinema. The cinema coverage rate from 68% in 2006 to reach 99% in 2009, the Seoul area to achieve 100% coverage; reflect the real-time data in the ticketing system on the site, the site is open to the public; besides the data, also contains the contents of the punishment measures. In addition, foreign relatively fixed and transparent profit sharing model also helps to eliminate the high box office. In the United States, in addition to the film director, screenwriter and actor paid a fixed salary and other creative staff, often also in the contract agreed with them at the box office of the proportion of net profit. As a well-known Hollywood screenwriter, with "Indiana Jones" won the fifty-fourth Oscar Award for best sound editing Richard? Anderson said: "the fraud of the film is not good box office, digital more false, meant to cast the amount more." Mainland China’s film market has become increasingly fierce box office, is hidden behind the huge benefits, such as the film can be used to attract the audience at the high box office, as well as to seize the row)相关的主题文章: