Silicon Valley is the most hot investment company slipped to collapse to the limited partnership for y580

Silicon Valley is the most hot investment company to the brink of collapse to slide limited partner investors for Mike · Rosenberg BI Chinese station reported in September 14th in the past two weeks, Rosenberg venture (Rothenberg Ventures) has been a hot topic in Silicon Valley, because only 32 years old, full of charisma Mike · Rosenberg (Mike Rothenberg) the the wind led investment company is breaking down. Jesse · Hempel (Jessi Hempel) and Lauren · smiley (Lauren Smiley) in Backchannel published an article detailing Rosenberg venture collapse insider, BusinessInsider found more detailed information from a letter sent to Rosenberg on Tuesday morning, the investment limited partnership. The VC was in charge of about $50 million, but now has been unable to operate it. As of mid August, all employees except lawyers have been in a state of unpaid leave. The letter from BusinessInsider’s point of view, Rosenberg has begun to help investors the company’s limited partnership. He wants investors to help companies raise more operational capital and promise to give them the qualifications of their partner. Previously, Rosenberg venture capital is only one partner, is Rosenberg himself. Rosenberg venture capital still exists, but the company name has been changed to Frontier Tech VC. Rosenberg said in the letter, the company is actively cooperate with the securities and Exchange Commission of inquiry; he said he felt for the recent media coverage of the company sad, but he still firmly focus on fund management above, not to respond to the media. In his letter, he briefly recounted his telephone conversations with the limited partners of the company in August 29th. According to informed sources, Rosenberg also said he would like to announce the resignation of the news, but later he changed his mind. According to informed sources, Rosenberg said on the phone, the media want to find his crop, but his only mistake is too ambitious. Then he hung up and didn’t answer the question. Rosenberg’s representatives declined to comment. Allegedly, after a whistleblower in the company who report the company to the securities and Exchange Commission in July this year, the company began to be dismantled. Rosenberg began to explain the situation to the company executives, but with the deterioration of the company’s financial situation, a large number of people began to leave the company. Investors and employees are most worried about is a department called River Studios, the Department’s main responsibility is to create virtual reality content. According to Backchannel reports and informed sources said that investors do not know Rosenberg in their own money to support the business, the company did not disclose the relevant information in the annual earnings. Rosenberg wrote in a letter to investors in limited partnership, said the independent accounting firm FTI Consul]相关的主题文章: