Sichuan these hard to pronounce the name, but it has the most stunning scenery! – Sohu travel sweets parade

Sichuan these hard to pronounce the name, but it has the most stunning scenery! Sohu because tourism Sichuan is a multi-ethnic gathering place, so there is a special minority names a mouthful, but there is a beautiful local scenery and the original ecology, black bean pot take you to experience the magic fam – at the junction of a plate of black Luo Huo ~ to dig in Leshan Ebian Yi Autonomous County of the Township with the accumulation of a tsubosato million more than 4000 meters above sea level to dig black Luo Huo, this is a beautiful fairy tale world, a seeker to bring countless surprises. The mountain is a spectacular acres of lawn around the vast woodlands, sunny days overlooking the Gongga mountains, there are horses, yaks, sheep dotted the meadow, is a very good photography. Sunrise, sea of clouds, the sky… Good luck. All the spectacular planetarium here can see the most comfortable, is here has not developed, not the ticket, why not on the back of the pack to a plate when exploring the magical tour pal, carefully kept secret. 3 day itinerary: D1: Chengdu to Ebian County Heizhugou Town, by the way can also go to a spa, drive about 5-6 hours D2: Ganzi Heizhugou town – village – dig black Luo Huo grassland camp (take good food, water, tents, thick clothes, D3 camera): dig black Luo – Chengdu (open grassland watching the sunrise hike down on Lu Lu day) library library is located in Ganzi, Jiulong County Xia Er Zhen 35 kilometers north of the mountains, and is also an important part of Wuxuhai, in the section of highway 215 near the Tang Gu Xiang Lu, to estimate library no acquaintance guide, it is difficult for outsiders to find this place. Rainbow grassland, mountain stream flows, grassland yaks…. merged into a vice dazzling landscape painting, the original ecological atmosphere that people can not forget. The grassland is not big, but it is well worth a visit, there is a blue "s" shape from the Prairie Creek sections, also falls into the water in a color, plus color next to the forest, the picture is less quiet and infinite vitality! 4 day itinerary: D1: Chengdu – Ya’an – Kangding – Kowloon County asbestos – (car) D2: Kowloon County – Wuxuhai – girou Library – Xinduqiao town (car + + on foot to enjoy the scenery) D3: Xinduqiao – Tagong – eight U.S. – Danba (car + Photography) D4 Danba – Jinchuan – Barkam – Wenchuan – Chengdu – county (car) Dawagengzha now cattle hill has not gone up, the top of the tent to inn are gone, for a comparable to its Dawagengzha, is also a 360° and cattle hill, mountain Jiaoding comparable to the viewing platform. Here is the Four Girls Mountain, Gongga mountain, look paguera peaks can also enjoy a mountain, cloud waterfall, meadow, forest, lakes, canyons, Tibetan village and other types of landscape, you can feel the full range of natural magic. Sunrise, sea of clouds, stars, Buddha and sunshine Jinshan….. Every beautiful sky here can see, afraid of what your eyes can’t come, not the camera shoot oh! 2 day itinerary: D1: Chengdu – Ya’an – Baoxing -]相关的主题文章: