Shanghai morning still heavy rain tomorrow, Maleka to hit next Monday (video) w32dasm

Shanghai morning still heavy rain tomorrow next Monday to "Maleka" hit by Typhoon "Meranti" effect, the mid autumn festival day in most areas of Shanghai heavy rain, heavy rains in eastern region. Yesterday 8 to 21:40, the central city of Shanghai (Xujiahui station) cumulative rainfall reached 56.5 mm, Pudong to live in the second place of 51.7 mm. Due to the effect of intensified moranti "circulation, yesterday evening rain enhancement, 17 to 21 of the area rainfall generally between 20 to 50 mm, the city center (Xujiahui station), 46.3 mm. Reporters learned from the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, yesterday night to this morning, is expected to be heavy rain, there may be heavy rain, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall. City flood control headquarters yesterday at 17 o’clock issued a yellow warning flood prevention station 07. Reporters from the Shanghai municipal flood control office to understand, at 20 o’clock yesterday, with 15 strong typhoon level landing in Xiamen "Meranti" near the center of the largest wind fell to 7, weakened to a tropical depression today in the territory of Jiangxi; at the same time, followed by the "typhoon" Meranti "malakas" near the center of the largest wind power has increased to 14, tomorrow is expected to next Monday, will give Fujian and Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area from Grade 7 to 9 winds, and may be accompanied by heavy rain, but, overall, "malakas" influence on Shanghai wind than rain. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday Shanghai is the wind and rain, the citizens in a timely manner of defensive measures. According to the Shanghai report, the 16 typhoon "malakas" upgraded to typhoon, Shanghai rainfall of up to heavy rain. September 16th @ Shanghai release news, No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" has weakened into a tropical depression, and the sixteenth typhoon "malakas" to strengthen the strong typhoon, it is expected, will be the speed of 20 kilometers per hour to move northwest, the strongest typhoon intensity level up to a super typhoon level (15~16 level) in our country, gradually close to the ocean east of Taiwan. Shanghai September 16th rainfall up to heavy rain, heavy rain in the eastern region. According to the Beijing News, Chinese Taiwan National Marine forecast said, "malakas" center in September 15th 14 is located in the southeast of Hualian City, Taiwan Province, 960 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, is expected to gradually close to Taiwan Ocean east, then turn north gradually moving northward in the East China sea. Under its influence, is expected to start in September 16th, Taiwan East Sea, the waters near the Diaoyu Islands, the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea large waves, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai coast will also appear a wave process. The National Marine forecast expects, "Maleka" in September 16th to 18, to Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai coastal areas from the south to the North caused a storm surge process, including Fujian Minjiang, Zhejiang Wenzhou, Taizhou port and Hangzhou Bay coastal area is seriously affected coasts. Because it is on the 16th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar to August 18th, Fujian and Shanghai along the sea in the astronomical tide period, the coastal astronomical tide generally close to the blue alert level. In this case, "Maleka" brought by the storm surge and astronomical tide superimposed, there may be more severe storm surge disaster. Wu Shaohua, chief forecaster at the National Oceanic forecast station相关的主题文章: