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Shandong Province, the full implementation of unified registration of immovable property system — Shandong channel — today (29 days), the provincial land and Resources Department news release, September 28th, the province’s 110 independent certification of the city and county (city, district) real estate registration agency has been fully operational, the full realization of "stop the old card, issued a new card, unified real estate system in our province to establish and implement. Later, the people apply for land use rights, housing property rights, Lin Quan, sea use rights registration only to a department, four types of property rights to achieve a admissibility. National requirements, before the end of this year, all cities and counties nationwide real estate registration agencies should be fully operational, stop issuing old cards, issued a new card. I require to finish the task before the end of September. It is reported that the province in the country’s twelfth provinces issued a new card to achieve global. After the Provincial Department of real estate registration management office director Wang Andong introduced, people in the real estate registration agency may handle the business scope includes the ownership of collective land, construction land use rights, land use rights, housing construction (structure) building ownership, forest rights, mortgage, easement and the right to use the waters of real property rights for the first time registration, change of registration, transfer of registration, cancellation of registration, correction registration, the dissidence registration, notice of registration or registration as well as other types of registration. The registration of the right to the contracted management of land shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state in the transitional period of the unified registration of real property. After the implementation of a unified registration of real estate, the original land, housing, forestry registration department to stop accepting these matters. On the implementation of the unified registration of real estate issued before the old card, follow the principle of "no change", that is, the right does not change, the certificate does not change. Various types of real estate ownership certificates issued in accordance with law. In the future for the change of registration, transfer registration and other registration matters, the gradual replacement of the new real estate registration certificate, proof. Wang Andong said that the implementation of a unified real estate registration, more convenient. Before dispersing registration, people have to land, housing, forestry, marine and other departments between errands, and now only need a department can. The process is also more concise, such as the previous application for the transfer of housing registration and tax, the need to row two teams, pay the two data. Now, the Provincial Department of land resources and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau have jointly issued a document for collaborative, recently in the province will be embedded in the tax registration process, in the audit fees after the link, to achieve a window of acceptance, a complete application. After the implementation of a unified real estate registration, registration fees have been reduced. Wang Andong in the real estate registration as an example, the property rights of people used to do real estate license, land card two card, spend two registration fee. Now, the new card, one room and one, the two card into a card, on the province of a certificate of registration fees. For example, in Ji’nan, real estate registration only charged 80 yuan residential, non residential registration fee of $550, in addition to no other charges. Currently, the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission is developing real estate registration fees. (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: