Samsung big trouble just $5 billion 300 million.

Samsung big trouble: blow up is not only the $5 billion 300 million local time on September 2, 2016, Seoul, South Korea, Samsung mobile phone business person in charge of the high Dongzhen GalaxyNote7 battery explosion apology. (visual China map) [trouble] Samsung: just $5 billion 300 million. Source: Southern Weekend   Author: Shi south for the 48 year old Mr Lee, the last week of October 2016, has a very special meaning. In Samsung, after 25 years of work, as Li Jianxi’s son, Li Zairong will be in the new session of the general meeting of shareholders was recommended as the nine member of the board of directors. This is also the right to take over from his parents, officially became the only third generation of SamSung group leader, ready for the final. Some foreign media had said, has been low-key, modest image shows Li Ceng rejected this proposal, and that the "Samsung fire". But everyone knows, this is more like a suit before the attitude. Li Zairong will be in charge of a owns three of the world’s top 500 enterprises, the total output value accounted for its GDP18.22% huge monster. This is not an easy thing. After the 72 year old Li Jianxi in May 2014 for myocardial infarction and rushed to the hospital until a week just to regain consciousness changes, to accelerate the process of handover. Over the past 29 months, Li has become a certain degree of Samsung’s prison state, and the voting ceremony of the general meeting is to perform a program. Or is the events of 1987 "cloning": in the year of November, Samsung founder Li Bingzhe died 12 days later, the 45 year old Li Jianxi officially took over the post of president of the group. A few years ago, Li Jianxi has been responsible for the company’s specific business affairs. As the two brothers has lost the right of inheritance, he has not played the role of regent. Li Jianxi is already ready for the succession. In the SamSung group was born in the years, there are two samples for the world. It is of course a vertical frame of the whole industry chain integration, the second is the investment cycle of cross shareholding system organization is through Samsung Everland to Samsung Life contribution, which to the Samsung investment, Samsung Electronics and Samsung key Samsung Card Co holds equity, credit card is also a major shareholder of Samsung everland. In 40 years, the establishment of the whole group as a whole substance holding company Everland, Li Zairong himself held 25.1%, even much higher than his father Li Jianxi 3.38% and its parent Hong Luo Xi 0.74%. In the corporate governance in the eyes of experts, this is more common in East Asia equity arrangement is conducive to the founding family in the most economical way to control the vast business empire, but for a public company, Samsung Electronics, a net profit of all listed companies in South Korea once accounted for 36.8% of the total profits are not good. The Lee family with only 2% overall holdings that control of SamSung group claims resulting. Now, Samsung most outsiders worry isn’t this shift, but the city of相关的主题文章: