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Regulation of the new deal, the property market turnover fell sharply in the four quarter or further callback – Sohu news October is the real estate market in the traditional sense of the sales season, but this year, silver is no longer. From the beginning of September 30th, more than and 20 cities nationwide have issued a new round of regulatory measures. Limited purchase, limited credit tightening policy, the October real estate market cooling significantly. As of October 30th, whether it is a first tier cities, or four dragons and other cities, the volume of residential turnover has declined significantly. The industry believes that the role of the local regulatory policy intensive, the fourth quarter of the real estate market will be further adjusted. Cooling turnover in October fell significantly in the new round of regulatory policy, the policy of Beijing is the most stringent, its effect in October also showed the most obvious. Asian high data show that the Beijing property market supply decreased by 64%, turnover fell 41%. As of October 30th October, Beijing commercial housing (excluding low-income housing and housing) a total of 8508 sets of transactions, the transaction area of 943 thousand and 600 square meters, last month were reduced by 41%, 32%, this volume has created nearly 5 month low. At the same time, the month of Beijing commercial housing transaction price of 35449 yuan square meters, a decline of 3%. Deputy general manager of Asian high Ren Qixin believes that the new deal after the rapid decline in turnover, on the one hand is affected by the reduction in effective demand; on the other hand, is restricted by the supply of "short circuit". Ren Qixin said that after the new deal, the market demand began to differentiate, before a small part has been locked in intention listings, or specific reasons for buying groups, continue to purchase; while the other group is most of the demand is not urgent to choose to wait and see. Among them, some need to sell the old buy new improved demand, due to sell the old link difficult to sell at the expected price, the purchase of a new home plan was postponed. Not just Beijing, Albert I love my family group market research data show that in October, the property market this year once popular "four little dragons", Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Hefei commercial housing sales overall decline, the market cooling trend is very obvious. Data show that in September Nanjing commodity residential average daily sales of 449 units, so far in October the average daily sales of only 207 units, a decline of 54%; the average daily sales of commercial housing in Suzhou in September 463 sets, in October so far the average daily sales of 175 units, down 62.2%; Xiamen in September the average daily sales of 22 units in October, only 7 sets, a decline of 68.4%. The agency pointed out that the commercial housing sales data in Hefei in October has not yet come, but from the second half of the 9, commercial housing sales data in Hefei began to decline. The first half of September, the average daily sales of 267 sets of commercial housing in, only half of the second half of the group, a decline of 77.4% in the central area of Hefei. In addition, the Central Plains real estate research center data show that as of October 30th, the country’s 54 cities since the signing of the total commercial housing in October, 27.相关的主题文章: