Photos Deyunshe 20 anniversary Guo Degang Yu Qian hit the capital (video) poper

Photos: Deyunshe 20 anniversary Guo Degang Yu Qian hit the capital Tencent entertainment news "Deyunshe 20 anniversary world tour Beijing Railway Station last night and ended up with Guo Degang Yu Qian on the Beijing Exhibition Theatre, the best partner to show the universe, the audience brought a classic piece of laughter, the two old partner proud disciples also many wonderful performance powder. Although the day is busy Monday, Beizhan theatre still All seats are occupied. hot scene, after the end of the show Guo Degang will update micro-blog: "Deyunshe 20 anniversary world tour Beijing Beizhan theatre show, today is Monday……" The joy of speech shows between the lines. Carrying forward the national traditional culture, folk culture talent, public service is Deyunshe this 20 years adhere to the purpose. After twenty years of turbulent storms go today is not easy, thankfully after Guo Degang and a number of new and old comedian Deyunshe unremitting efforts, now has become a piece of a gilded signboard. People are familiar with Guo Degang and Yu Qian on this old partner on the stage can be said to occupy the "half of the country," the comic Guo Degang hope, the crosstalk can some day in the future not only Deyunshe All flowers bloom together., stood out: "no matter where Cross said, even from the stones out of the comic Cross said, as long as good is a good thing." Deyunshe 20 anniversary as a leader, Guo Degang Yue Yunpeng and Guo Qilin continued to force more and more dazzling movie star, "from your world" that Yue Yunpeng step into the big screen, the red cross from red to burst. Followed by Guo Qilin, Cao Heyang and Yan Hexiang emerge, Clay oven rolls and Zhang Helun apprentice collective force, go to the twentieth year of Deyunshe is very influential, let us see the future and hope of deyunshe. Guo Degang said, in addition to Deyunshe actors on a variety show, movie, tour and various theatre performances, as wonderful comic ballads. A popular national God Guo Degang, there are many so-called "cloud one" of the disciples, how can miss on tour? It is reported that in December 03, ShenZhen Railway Station and Guangzhou Railway Station on 07 January 2017 continued hot ticket, because the audience is too high, Guo Degang for additional 15-16 December, ShangHai Railway Station show, Shanghai friends do not miss oh. The tour lineup, in addition to Guo Degang and old partner Yu Qian dedicated the wonderful performance, also sent many disciples to help out, now the proud disciples are developing very influential, believe that the master with force, will full of laughter. Journalist Guo Degang Yu Qian his straight man handy相关的主题文章: