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On the car, to see what the fantasy after 10 – Sohu car in the realization of the real unmanned today is still relatively difficult things in the future of the car will be like? The car has its own imagination, but the future of the world is not us but their 10 kids on their cars are what kind of fantasy? Yesterday 2016 of BYD (Chongqing) children and youth welfare painting contest "song" the future of a blue sky award ceremony held 56 children for the future of the automobile painting works on display have to say kids creative brain hole wide open, so many people are surprised that now we have to look at these works (the first prize. Dong Shengqi, 6 years old) Description: Michael "s sky flying car is a fantastic car, a propeller on its head, let the car flying in the clouds, the driver can override the parachute in the air, no automobile exhaust pollution of the environment, its real gas release. (the first prize winning friends and his works (two) prize: Xia Ziwen, the future of a blue sky (song) two prize, Zhang Hairui, 9 years old) Description: color car (third-prize, Jiang Jiayan, 5) Description: environmentally friendly cars bring a beautiful life (third-prize, Ling Wenxuan) (third-prize, Chen Jiahao) following the award winning some votes higher (Ding Rouqian, 8 years old, big car charging (HO) cloud, slow travel, safety first) (Jean Haoning Dudu car world) (Ren Shuangqi green) (Liu hanyer, dinosaur car) (Yang Yahan, 5 years old, blue sky and white clouds to strive for the ideal (Liu Hengyou), 7 years old, green earth (Chen Yehui), 8 years old, monster Chariot ) as the contest sponsor BYD automobile has been China’s new energy automobile industry leader BYD car for green travel, 6 years ago launched the "city bus electrification strategy", proposed in the city highway traffic priority areas with low carbon city electric cars, reduce exhaust pollution. Now, this strategy has officially risen to international strategy. In terms of traditional fuel vehicles, BYD engine is characterized by low fuel consumption, power, and strive to achieve energy-saving emission reduction." BYD Chongqing District Manager Li Futian said. At this point, which lasted one and a half of BYD motor (Chongqing) children and youth welfare painting contest, down a curtain, nearly 20 thousand lovely children entered the competition, vote for up to 160 thousand passengers, for the 4 awards a total of 56 people. This is the original street coolcar authors share kuju brother reproduced please be sure to indicate the source welcome message相关的主题文章: