Noodle boss encounter passers-by to help customers Gangster (video)

Noodle boss in the scene to help customers the passers-by at 12 at noon yesterday, a noodle shop Jiangbei carp pond road, a customer suddenly picked up a fruit knife in the neck of the boss…… "25 years old, Sichuan people, he ate a bowl of noodles at the time, to 6 dollars, my mother is to give him his change, suddenly he picked up his belt than fruit knife in my mother’s neck, mother’s neck was designated the two knife." The boss daughter Liu told reporters, when dad was cooking, my mother cried, my father rushed out from the kitchen, want to pull back from the gangsters, while clinging to the gangster, was stabbed three knife. Abdominal bleeding from the Liu and the scuffle to the outside of the door, "a passer-by heard here out of trouble, ran to help dad, there is a shop to eat in the 53 year old uncle, took the stool to put in the hands of criminals out a fruit knife." Ms. Liu said. Then the three men put the criminals down. Subsequently, others reported to the police. Help uncle saw the roadside is passing an ambulance, quickly stopped, the boss, the boss sent to a nearby hospital. He also came to the hospital by ambulance, busy busy." Liu said, in the hospital to see help Uncle pants are blood, also has a mouth, wanted to give him money to buy a pair of pants, he did not want to leave. Liu said: I am really grateful to help people, if they do not help uniforms criminals to help stop the ambulance to the hospital, the consequences really do not want to think." It is understood that the 53 year old Mr. Liu and his wife this noodle shop business has been more than a year, because the noodle shop did not please little helper, "the couple usually very mild, chat is grinning." Many neighbors said. "Shop more than a year, the parents did not tell who quarrel conflict, usually store to meet the customer said no money to eat noodles, parents will cook." Mr. Liu’s son said. Currently, the cause of the incident is under investigation. For further reading, and the four men burst into the restaurant to help customers: wounding brandished a knife and chopped相关的主题文章: