Music as the release of liveman series of new support for UAV live roxane hayward

LETV released Liveman new series of UAV support broadcast Phoenix Technology News November 24th news conference held today, LETV sports officially released its new Liveman – series of products, we can see from the name this is a flagship product series broadcast function. This series includes Liveman live software, Liveman M1 live camera, Liveman C1 motion camera and other 7 hardware products, which also includes UAVs, covering the price range of 249 yuan to 3499 yuan. Liveman series of products will be landing in November 30th Jingdong mall. Liveman broadcast software can now be downloaded in iOS and Android two platform, the software supports interesting brush face landing, with beauty, access to its biggest feature is to support other devices, because the device access so this software can realize the multi camera live. Liveman M1 is a live camera, the appearance of the oval design, the use of a 45 degree oblique section of the rotary design, so it can complete the multi angle shooting. Liveman M1 has a lot of accessories, through these accessories can be completed with different scenes to wear. Hardware, which uses a 16 million pixel SONY sensor, a wide-angle lens of 140 degrees, aperture F2.7. Liveman M1 priced at 799 yuan. Liveman C1 is a major sports broadcast equipment, its weight is 67g, the design is very portable. Using a custom hidden camera, the lens is not prominent, the back has a 1.8 Inch color touch screen, which supports the highest 4K video shooting, but also supports 720P 30fps live video. Liveman C1 is still using the SONY sensor, can be achieved by the 8 Sports Camera 4K level lampreys panoramic shooting. Liveman C1 Standard Edition price of 1499 yuan, the price of the package version of $2999, including the 18 parts and batteries, such as the two. In addition, LETV sports also released Liveman S1 multi function self bar, this self rod can support multiple types of devices connected, with 3 stalls LED fill light, built-in 1100mAh battery for charging equipment, Liveman G1 is a handheld platform, with three axis stabilization effect, priced at 249 yuan, 1699 yuan. Liveman F1 is a support for live UAV, modular design can support a variety of devices connected to support mobile phones and remote control, and has a lot of intelligent control, priced at 3499 yuan. Liveman L1 is a live device, support 4G full Netcom share hot spots, buckle design can be combined with UAVs, and has a key live function, its price is 499 yuan.相关的主题文章: