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Mother and child electricity supplier honey bud into trouble? CTO in the 3 months before leaving Sohu reported on August 30th Jianping thunder network technology Leidi after several years of barbaric growth, maternal electricity supplier honey bud recently caught growing pains. It is said that honey bud four executives have left, respectively: CTO Zong Dongdong, general manager of cross-border business GUI Bowen, O2O and mom m head, vice president of operations, Du Ping. A person familiar with the United Network pointed out that the 4 person is not left at the same time, but each have their own plans. Among them, CTO Zong Dongdong is leaving at the end of May 2016, is still in the rest state. "It’s not just these 4, but there’s more to it." The source said, honey bud encountered some problems in the development process. Honey bud official confirmed that the 4 people have left, but stressed that most people have been a year ago, after a normal departure, and have a long time around. "They are all adjustments to their careers, many of which are entrepreneurial." Among them, the original CTO in the case of a few years ago in a pharmaceutical electricity supplier for several months, half a year in the honey bud work, has faded in February this year, in April officially quit. Subsequently, the R & D department by the vice president, the original customer and purchase product technology R & D Senior Vice President Guo Chunmei took over. Honey bud official pointed out that the company is currently operating stability, stable management team, in fact, she received the telephone network at present, the management team is at the foot of the Great Wall held a fourth quarter strategy meeting. Statistics show that in 2013, honey bud get angel round of investment, fund it real and Xianfeng Huaxing March 2014, honey bud obtained from Sequoia Capital led a $20 million investment and financing. In December 2014, honey bud completed $60 million C round of financing, by the H Capital collar vote, the last round of investors Sequoia Capital and real funds to continue with the vote. In September 2015, honey bud also announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, led by Baidu, the red capital, H capital and other existing shareholders and the number of U.S. private equity fund with investment. According to the agreement with Baidu, Baidu investment honey honey bud bud, to open Baidu big data, make honey bud according to consumers’ personal information and transaction information, more directly and efficiently provide accurate brand promotion. Honey bud after obtaining $150 million financing, from milk powder, diapers and other items to the home, clothing, food and other non-standard products to expand. A few years ago when the brainchild, since entering 2016, the development of honey bud has also encountered some challenges. In particular, since April 8, 2016, China will implement cross-border e-commerce retail (business to consumers, that is, B2C) import tax policy. The new content is: cross-border electricity supplier taxation of cross-border retail electricity supplier no longer imported by parcel tax, tax 50 yuan within the exemption concessions will be abolished; individual single transaction limit of 2000 yuan, annual trading limit 20 thousand yuan, within the limit of the transaction shall be exempted from customs duties and import value-added tax and consumption tax relief 30% levy; beyond the limit part, according to the general trade tax..相关的主题文章: