Mayor of Yunnan, Wenshan mayor Miao compatriots involved in the investigation of speech is to verify verbal jint

Yunnan Wenshan mayor Miao compatriots speech related survey: is to verify the new network screening in Yunnan hearing the evening of October 31st, the Wenshan news headlines briefing Wenshan city acting mayor Gong Qing to Comrade Miao compatriots speech "the progress of the investigation, reads as follows: in October 28th, Wenshan established a committee led by the United Front Work Department, the people of the state in the working group survey participate in the Commission, State Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments, the recent public opinion reflects the Wenshan city acting mayor Comrade Gong Qing to carry out the investigation of speech Miao compatriots. The progress of the investigation is now notified as follows. According to the survey, the morning of October 26th, held in Wenshan City, "Miao cultural and ecological park in Wenshan city" project design report in the first session of the 8 floor of the city government center room, municipal government, municipal CPPCC municipal development and Reform Bureau, the Ministry of Commerce Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, housing construction bureau, bureau of water resources, the wide body travel bureau, market supervision bureau, city comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, Planning Bureau, Wenshan city civilized Street office and project design units of the personnel of 21 people attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the location of the project, water supply, roads, cultural themes, advance time. Investigation team at 15 on October 28th to 30, 24, the participants of the survey conducted to verify the 21. Among them, 28 survey of 14 people (because there are no people in Wenshan failed to participate in the investigation), the survey of 4 people on, the 30 survey of 3 people. They reflect public opinion, in 21 people participated in the survey, 12 said they did not hear, said 4 people heard part of speech, but that Gong Qing said at the meeting is to improve project planning said, no insult or discrimination of Miao people. There are 4 people said to hear, of which 1 were also considered to be discussed in the discussion, with no insult or discrimination means that there are 3 people on whether there is an insult or discrimination do not judge. Gong Qing himself said he spoke at the meeting, but to promote the construction of the project, improve the views of the project planning, there is no insult or discrimination against the meaning of Hmong compatriots. Currently, the investigation team is being collected to further verify the relevant circumstances.   相关的主题文章: