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Long accused the company said real name Ali employees often work overtime pressure in the major electricity supplier to double 11 eager for a fight on the occasion, ma Dad did stand up. A Ali employees sent a long letter in social media, said they often work overtime, work pressure, company indifferent. "Suicide, and revealed at the end of the letter. The emergence of a serious differentiation of user comments: a view of the lack of humanity in the work of Ali; another view is that the staff is too glass heart. All along, "young people should not enter the work of a large company" is a controversial topic. Especially in the first-tier cities, facing the huge cost of living, how to survive in the ideal and the reality of the cracks? It all depends on your choice, and once you make a choice, you have the courage to embrace change and take the consequences. Claiming to be "beaten" Ali employees in November 3rd, Ali employees at micro-blog published a report entitled "employee number 105751 real name complaint Alibaba, finally I was open letter you kill", at the end of suicide. Write an open letter to the beginning of the micro-blog employee screenshot article wrote: I really do not know what I did wrong, why I was so hard, even the last straw I live for me. Because the last 12 days of classes, the pressure is greater, in communication with colleagues in conflict, resulting in emotional control and was sent to hospital. "I’m sorry about what happened after almost half a month, I did not even apologize, I really do not know why people can be so cold to this point." According to the letter, even Ali 160 yuan fare of 120 did not pay, not to mention the medical fees and other compensation, let the staff chilling is, in its request to other jobs, HRG does not provide help, recommend him to other departments recommend. The employee said in the letter, was subsequently diagnosed with moderate depression. Global network news, the staff has been found and escorted colleagues home. Ali responded: the most important thing is to help the staff out of the psychological difficulties, the company has contacted the relevant experts. Because of the personal privacy of employees, to disclose more information. "Employees first" and the political commissar Ma HR Ali is sweatshop? But, whether it is circulated on the Internet, Ma Yun quotes, or Alibaba benefits, can be seen in the eyes of Ma Yun, employees are the most important. In early 2007, Ma exposed saying, "I think employees first, customers second. Without them, there would be no such website. Only they happy, our customers will be happy." In 2014, Ma Yun believes that Ali is the charm of culture, and not the system, not only because of "sweat" employees, Ali became a big company, "an unhappy person is unlikely to work with innovative ideas." In 2016 the "100 o compulsory", Ma to employees said, "our first product is our staff, because we believe that our employees are strong, we are naturally strong, will make our service, customers will be satisfied." We also found Lei in the know相关的主题文章: