Location or household suspected new MPV spy exposure – Sohu Jinbei Automobile aquaria

Location or household suspected spy exposure – the new MPV Jinbei car Sohu, we from the relevant channels to obtain a group of suspected new brilliance MPV road test spy photos, the new car appearance more fashionable, likely located in the home MPV. From the brilliance of previously released new planning point of view, this test car internal code or F30, is expected to officially mass production in March 2017. Although the position temporarily clear the car in the brilliance lineup, but can be seen from the spy photos, the new car is different from grace, sea lions series models, the partial fashion design style home. The double banner chrome grille styling simplicity, the central part of space can be seen Jinbei LOGO outline, down along the same grille with chrome trim, and integrated with the group formed on both sides of the headlight, Jinbei MPV models the latest design language. From the side, the car rear door for sliding door type design, body waist straight, B, C, D column using a matte black material, in contrast with the white body, and create the visual effect of suspended roof. Tail, the new car is also designed to echo with the front, in addition to the top of the license plate to add a link to the left and right taillights chrome trim, tail and not too much fancy design. Power there is limited information we have, from the brilliance new product planning to new models, within the next three years, gold will launch code named G20, F30 and F70, the market will gradually from MPV to MPV to expand the field of household business.相关的主题文章: