Length of service is not just about the impact of salary from 5 aspects of your income jinshen

The decision is not just seniority wages from 5 aspects affect your income [Abstract] according to the provisions of the "social insurance law", the basic pension payment period, according to the individual cumulative payment of wages, the average wage of the local workers, the amount of personal accounts, the average length of the urban population in the brain… Or physical labor, to wage income for all the main source of life or work experience. In general, every year of work, the formation of one year of service. From rookie to veteran, from entry to retirement, length of service not only represents the rich experience, seniority, it is also in line with the times to affect your income! What is the length of service wage? Is the enterprise employees according to seniority, working years, economic compensation that employees work experience and the accumulation of labor contribution given, to encourage workers engaged in lifelong work, is conducive to the construction workers and workers in the stability of the team. Whether it is the system or the system will affect the income of workers? July 1, 2006 implementation of the civil service wage system reform program, has abolished the seniority wage this argument. But in the current state organs, institutions of wage structure, the length of service for the wages and benefits of workers can be described everywhere. In all types of professional titles, the general will also make certain restrictions on working hours. And the title evaluation will indirectly affect the wage income. In many private enterprises, in order to enhance the sense of belonging to employees, will also be linked to seniority and wages. Therefore, the length of service is closely related to your income! The length of service will affect the basic wage and some units will determine the basic salary according to their working years. Such as the development of the basic salary of 15 years of age of less than $2000, a working length of $2300 for the year, the length of service of $2500, the length of service of 2800 years of $30, the length of service of 3000 years of $20, a similar standard of 40 years of service length of 3500, such as the standard of $25. Length of service decided to wage seniority wage rate of the majority of units of the policy is linear, that is to determine the distribution of the first year of the X standard, the actual income of employees seniority wage = ×. Some units also provides seniority wages from taking years, that is full of work for several years. Effect of seniority sick pay worker disease or Yingongfushang continuous leave within 6 months, the enterprise should pay sick leave wages according to the following standards: continuous service less than 2 years, according to 60% of his salary account. 2 years of continuous service for less than 4 years, according to my salary of 70% hair. 4 years of continuous service for less than 6 years, according to my salary of 80%. 6 years of continuous service for less than 8 years, according to my salary of 90%. 8 years of continuous service and above, according to my salary of 100% hair. The workers Yingongfushang illness or continuous leave for more than 6 months, paid by enterprises disease relief: continuous service less than 1 years, according to 40% of his salary account. 1 years of continuous service for less than 3 years, according to my salary of 50%. 3 years of continuous service and above, according to my salary of 60%. Sick leave wages = (base 21.75) × × sick days. Length of service affects many pension institutions.相关的主题文章: