Keqiao party secretary Xu Guolong to create a full range of three Keqiao (video)

Keqiao party secretary Xu Guolong to create a full range of "three Keqiao" voice of Zhejiang (hereinafter referred to as the host flying host): here is sponsored by the Zhejiang provincial Party committee of Zhejiang broadcasting group network information office, Zhejiang, governing the practice of the voice of Zhejiang and the Blue Network hosted the "Masters of words — urban county people" series of chat show. I’m the voice of Zhejiang. Today we come to Shaoxing, Keqiao, which is known as "Oriental Venice". Here we are very familiar with, this is one of the largest textile industry base, and it is also one of Asia’s largest textile market. Today, we note that Keqiao is proposing a new development strategy, that is, the service sector. Why is there such a change? What are they doing? How are they doing? With the questions we have invited from Shaoxing Keqiao city party secretary Mr. Xu Guolong today to accept our interview. Xu secretary, first and the audience’s friends and friends to say hello. Shaoxing city Keqiao district Party committee secretary Xu Guolong (Xu Guolong): the audience friends, dear friends, hello. Moderator: welcome to Xu, first of all, I would like to start from the location of our interview today. We can feel a lot of people behind us through our lens or through our voice. We would like to introduce the Secretary, where is our interview today? Xu Guolong: we have today in the Jianhu Lake Tourist Resort Oriental landscape park, is the core part of our town ". Moderator: Oriental landscape park, one must be a good place to travel, where we see the swimming pool is quite large. In addition to what we see in the swimming pool, what fun? Xu Guolong: Oriental landscape park is by the Shanghai Huachang Group invested 8 billion, started construction in 2012 September, in June of this year basically completed, is expected to attract 3 million tourists every year, operating income of more than 3 billion. The stadium opened in June 1st this year, today we live in is a water Kingdom Museum, very popular. There are several other places, one is the Datang show, which shows some of the modern video technology, very shocking. There are treasures from the museum, there are a lot of root carving, wood carving, jade, some mammoth ivory and some other treasures. There are many stalactites underground cave, it is natural. Moderator: just here while fun, I see you are familiar, your personal feelings come before? Xu Guolong: this project from its construction to the present, are the focus of our region, but also focus on promoting a project. It was put into operation from construction to now, it can be said that each link are very clear, well. This project is also my contact, see it step by step, like a child grow up a little bit the same. Moderator: you mentioned a detail, the project is the beginning of your personally involved in the contact. In the process of contact, there is a very practical problem you have to solve, how do you convince others to come to this project, to do this investment? Is this process also encountered some challenges and difficulties? Xu Guolong: this project is located in Keqiao, both contingency and inevitability. At that time, Shanghai Huachang group mister, his!相关的主题文章: