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Jane Zhang’s mother again sound: daughter was Feng Ke in complete control of the mother Jane Zhang interviewed the Jane Zhang family reunion with Tencent (the peach Andy) entertainment news this year to update the fastest, most jump, eat melon plot masses up to stop the blockbusters "what can I do to save her daughter" into another a new season. Jane Zhang’s mother Zhang Guiying said in an interview, not only his daughter Feng Ke’s wedding invitations received and, a month before the birthday party of the "reconciliation" is Feng Ke Liangying’s life threatening her under the compromise. Today, she continues to expose Feng Ke in the economic control of Jane Zhang, "marriage is to finance the speech, we finally said," between the mother and the daughter, the heart is always together, Liangying always love my mother, my mother always love Liangying." Jane Zhang propaganda that this news is not true or false, can not respond. Thought that the life of Jane Zhang, with Feng Ke 10 years of feelings or concert was proposed or for a marriage or basic can be used as a romance to understand, and the most inspirational elements point of success. But since Zhang Guiying in October 9th through the media issued an open letter shelling Feng Ke, immediately entered the family ethics drama, family ethics, and war drama category, following each episode, people like eating melon pull, carefully looking for ambush every detail in startling step by step. For example, 2 days after the update of the second quarter of the birthday party, the big picture of the surface of the group of three people, and Jane Zhang mother stiff smile, eyes and body language, to the masses there will be a sequel to the expectations. After a lapse of one month and be long in coming in the third quarter, "we got married", both parents absent, more determined people waiting to fill the pit of confidence. Sure enough, two days later, Zhang Guiying was more rapid -. She said in an interview that there is no second quarter of the great compromise, but because Feng Ke threatened to use Liangying’s life, only to appear. And why is there no part in the wedding, she explained that her daughter and Feng Ke have not contacted her, he is aware of the wedding time through the media. Jane Zhang wedding day had media contact with Zhang Guiying, she said, anyway, I am still here, I do not know whether such a wedding can be recognized by the law." Now, she says, she appeared at Jane Zhang’s birthday party, "because Feng Ke threatened me with Liangying’s life. If I don’t go, it would be a big injury to Liangying". Then she went. Zhang Guiying said, they like Feng Kewa into the pit, unhappy, out to the birthday party after about 20 days before returning home, found the door had been broken, she found the security monitoring, security said "a man wearing masks to come to."." Zhang Guiying has been stressed that Feng Ke in the cheat her daughter, and now she said, for example, Feng had come up with this account with the name of the marriage certificate, with his father had said, the family is very happy in the. "I made a phone call, and his father to verify this matter, his father said, did not say that the matter of marriage, the account was taken away." About Feng Ke Jane Zhang cheat, that did not divorce, Zhang Guiying had put forward in the first bombardment, the cited new examples: "he knew pretty marriage in 03 years相关的主题文章: