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In order to 5 yuan breakfast money boss took out a kitchen knife is a knife in front of customers yesterday at 8 in the morning, Hangzhou Hangzhou Shanxi Tiantai Mountain Road intersection, a Baozipu before breakfast for 5 dollars in the end there is no money to pay, Baozipu boss and a customer strike violently Baozipu boss also took out a knife, cut each other a knife. After the incident, the injured were rushed to hospital treatment in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital of Qing Chun District, but fortunately there is no danger of trauma. Buy breakfast was cut into the hospital more than 10 o’clock yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital emergency room to see the injured customer master Qiu, he and his son a little Qiu sitting in the emergency room chair. Qiu master hand, arm and neck are everywhere in the blood, the eyebrows close to the center of a piece of gauze, people look good. Qiu master is Taizhou people, 55 years old, came to Hangzhou for 20 years, and his wife, son, husband and wife and 6 year old Grandson living together. Over the years has been in the Zhejiang market supplies near the old train station opened a shop, doing textile business. Speaking of early cut things, Qiu master or a look of disbelief, "how can there be such an unreasonable person!" Fortunately no injuries to key master Qiu’s grandson in the market behind the kindergarten class read the morning, just from Binjiang back, ready to kindergarten, but grandson didn’t eat breakfast, then master Qiu and daughter-in-law and grandson this baozi 3 people outside of the market shop bought two eggs and a bag of Soybean Milk. A total of 5 dollars. The store had two people, a steamed bun, a selling steamed stuffed bun, although there is no line, but there are some People are hurrying to and fro.. Qiu master daughter-in-law took out 5 dollars on the steamer, the head master Qiu picked up to eat to go. This more than 50 year old female boss shouted back: "why don’t pay the money?" Qiu Master said: "I did not pay, how? Just to go, the woman behind always scold, scold very bad. I want to forget it, directly. She continued to scold. I want to go back to scare her, kicked at the door of the Soybean Milk installed on the barrel, barrel did not move, who knows the man picked up a kitchen knife on ran towards me, first I did not escape, injury to the forehead. I and the man, his wife was to pull my clothes." Master Qiu face hung up the color, the market had opened on both sides, and hit 120, Qiu master was sent to the hospital. Although the process is dangerous, but fortunately no injuries to the Qiu master key, the doctor diagnosed only on the forehead eyebrows with a 3 cm long knife, stitches, after tetanic needle can be discharged. The two sides are quite common and then reporters at the Baozipu, store a young man in the morning tidying up, Soybean Milk yogurt not sold neatly. The reporter asked what happened earlier, he said he arrived later, don’t know much. It is next door to a sell scarf sister said, the morning of the incident only store boss couples in, this is the two couple’s son. Sister said, they are Anqing people, do here for many years, dumplings can also taste, like a lot of people queuing to buy. I know all the two families, usually pleasant, in order to fight for breath. "……" More than 11 o’clock in the morning, Baozipu boss’s son to the shop closed, left. At present, the police have.

为了5块钱的早饭钱 老板拿出菜刀对着顾客就是一刀昨天早上8点多,杭州艮山西路天台山路口,一家包子铺前,因为5块钱的早饭钱到底有没有付,包子铺老板和一名顾客大打出手,包子铺老板还拿出菜刀砍了对方一刀。事发后伤者被紧急送往邵逸夫医院庆春院区救治,所幸只是外伤,没有生命危险。买早饭被砍进医院昨天上午10点多,记者赶到邵逸夫医院急诊室见到了受伤的顾客邱师傅,他和儿子小邱一道坐在急诊室的椅子上。邱师傅手上、胳膊上、脖子里到处都是血迹,眉毛正中央贴着一块纱布,人看上去精神还好。邱师傅是台州人,55岁,来杭州20多年了,与妻子、儿子夫妻俩和6岁的孙子生活在一起。多年来一直在老火车东站附近的浙江物资综合市场开着一家店铺,做家纺生意。说起一早被砍的事情,邱师傅还是一脸的不可置信,“怎么会有这么不讲理的人!”好在没有伤到要害邱师傅的孙子在市场后面的幼儿园读大班,早上刚刚从滨江接回来,准备送到幼儿园里,但是孙子早饭还没吃,邱师傅便和儿媳、孙子3个人到市场外面的这家包子铺买了两个茶叶蛋和一包豆浆,总共5块钱。店里当时有两个人,一个做包子的,一个卖包子的,虽然没有人排队,但是人来人往的还有点乱。邱师傅儿媳拿出5块钱放在了蒸笼上,邱师傅这头拎起吃的打算就走了。这时候50多岁的女老板在后面喊:“钱怎么不付啊?”邱师傅说:“我付过了,怎么没付?刚要走,那个女的在后面一直骂,骂得很难听。本来我想算了,直接走掉的。她还是继续骂。我想着回去吓唬吓唬她,一脚踢在门口装豆浆的大桶上,桶没动,谁知那个男的拿起菜刀就朝我跑过来了,第一下我没躲过,伤到了额头上。我就和那个男的打,他老婆也来扯我衣服。”邱师傅脸上挂了彩,市场里的人把双方拉开,又打了120,邱师傅被送到了医院。虽然过程凶险,好在邱师傅没有伤到要害,医生诊断只在前额双眉间有个3厘米长的刀口,缝了几针,打完破伤风针就可以出院了。双方平常都挺和气随后,记者到了事发的包子铺,店里有个年轻小伙子在整理东西,把早上没卖完的豆浆酸奶摆放整齐。记者问到先前发生的事,他表示他后来才到,知道的不多。据隔壁一家卖围巾的大姐说,早上事发时只有店老板夫妻在,这是两夫妻的儿子。大姐说,他们一家是安庆人,在这里做了很多年了,包子味道还可以,蛮多人排队来买。“这两家人我都认识,平常都挺和气的,就为了争口气嘛,唉……”上午11点多,包子铺老板的儿子把店门一关,也离开了。目前,警方已经介入调查。相关的主题文章: