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Drink one hundred bottles of Amarone in the hometown of Romeo, Juliet touched the milk and the Sohu: Wang wisdom | Wine online first to talk about breast thing. Verona (Verona) is about two hours away from Venice, was selected as the world heritage site of unesco. Classic love drama "generation writer Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet" the story is set in here, so it has a good name: love is romantic. The Verona government in repeated to pilgrims Shakespeare fans make light of travelling a thousand li explained ten thousand times that this is fiction, fiction, art! Here we did not have that after Juliet finally decided to comply with public opinion, try to figure out the original style in the former residence of Juliet, built the Juliet terrace (Romeo over the wall where the big girl peeping family boudoir), and a statue of Juliet — you should have guessed, there are rumors of the right breast will touch the statue to find true love like legend. Juliet seems to have abandoned the small little love deified, blessing blessing her lack of love of believers. Let’s talk about Amarone. Why do you want to drink one hundred bottles, because drink less on the loss, and that is to say less to the one hundred. Amarone what is it? A distinctive wine of Valpolicella in northeastern Italy, made of dried raisins. A typical complex rich, thick black chocolate and even some rum aroma entrance concentration makes you strong, happily beg conquered instead of bullet resistance. Annoying data time: the main wine varieties: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, etc.. Such as other regions in Italy, where the local wine grape varieties, 96% of the total number of Dzhan Wa Polly Cela, international varieties accounted for only about 4%, more common in mixed. ?? Dry: Amarone than ordinary Wine in the brewing process more than dry this step, it must first hand picked, according to the experience of workers to meet the conditions of the selected Amarone wine grapes, then dried in room for 90-100 days until the water lost by 40%. Indicator: according to the Wa Polly Cela Institute, the Amarone output of a winery should not exceed 40% of the total output of all types of wine (this will vary according to the year). Alcohol may not be less than 14%, sugar should not be higher than 12g above L. can not understand also never mind, but one must know that Amarone is the mode of production and the restrictions determine its cost is very high, will not sell too cheap, see the domestic market prices are not close to the people, and in the local thirty or forty in Europe will be able to drink a bottle quality very good Amarone, it is worth to buy buy buy with your suitcase. There is a sense in the winery around Verona drink for several days, even drink with chat, did not encounter a home located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong importers, there are still some China (2015 and the Russian market are相关的主题文章: