College friends loan repayment twenty-four thousand friends lost contact (video)

College friends loan repayment twenty-four thousand friends lost contact with female friends friends battle righteousness help loan repayment but lost to play western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Zhang Kun) people often say: as a friend. A female student is very generous, but seemingly not very authentic her friend. College Chen: "I recently especially worried, my mother has been away from home for several times, she said to me, I was at home she would not want to see me." My parents don’t like their own, especially distressed. Senior Chen said, this is my parents really hurt the heart. The cause of all this, from your good friend to friend! College Chen: "in May, one of my friends with another friend came to me, he was very anxious to use the money, because they said they could not borrow money in the society, he wanted to help him on loan money through my college loans." See is his small friends, Chen promised without demur. The university student Chen: "I was thinking, friends can help one be a. At that time gave him a loan of 24000 yuan, Lee said to me, he will be in a month, I have to finish, will not let my family know." In loans, Chen is the friend of security, from the four loan companies to borrow so much money, the parents contact also wrote. At the beginning of June, more than 20 thousand of the loan after the hand, she would give the money to borrow money to lee. Can the repayment period is up, Lee also did not give money to Chen also. This time, Chen anxious. Chen: "I have given him countless phone calls, he is always not connected, micro letter does not return." But Chen’s small, as the introducer of this matter, is now at a loss. Chen: "Hey, now the money how to do? Can you get in touch with Li?" Lee friend: I can not contact him for the time being." Chen: "now this thing how to do?" Lee friend: when I call him to ask him how to do." Chen college students: "more than the penalty period, every day by day, now the amount of down probably 30 thousand to 40 thousand dollars." After several reminders to no avail, loan companies will call to Chen’s parents. This, the family was aware of her daughter carrying them so much trouble. Chen college students: "taking into account the credit of this problem, my parents put the money on the first, but now my attitude changed." Since the connection has not been able to borrow money Lee, Chen is now not only anxious, but also particularly regret. The university student Chen: "I help you, now you can’t turn against me, hurt me, I feel that I am wrong, I assume. However, this result I can not bear, so can let my family to bear, I am also very uncomfortable, please pay as soon as possible." Between friends, in addition to mutual aid, should also be sincere. I hope this friend of Chen Lee, can put the money back to Chen as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be who wants to be your friend?相关的主题文章: