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China raised important issues – International – scan two-dimensional code to see more content "as the group of twenty for the G20 Summit (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit of the president of the country, Chinese work carefully and very constructive, not only to ensure that the inheritance and continuity of the work G20, on new issues has also done very well, for example, President Xi Jinping put forward" innovation, vitality, linkage, inclusive ‘four new issues. The Ministerial Conference in recent months has made great achievements." 2014 Australian B20 (G20 Business Summit) coordinator Robert, Milin, said in an interview with this reporter. He had previously participated in the B20 conference and the G20 summit. Milina pointed out that this year China has put forward some important new issues such as innovation, inclusive growth. Continued economic slowdown has had an impact on all countries, particularly in terms of employment, welfare, etc.. China’s ongoing economic restructuring has played an important role model. He is looking forward to the summit of the G20, the heads of state can work together to promote economic growth, structural reforms and boost trade and investment countermeasures. Milina said that from 2013 to this year, G20 and B20 are mainly concerned about how to recover from the financial crisis, promote global economic growth and employment rates, the first of which is the reform of the financial structure. He said, since the international financial crisis, G20 and the Minister of Finance and the governor of the central bank through the financial stability committee to carry out a lot of work to ensure the safety and stability of the financial system. We will continue to encourage governments to review the financial system and promote economic and financial restructuring." Milin, participated in this year B20 will submit a report to the policy recommendations of the G20 summit in Hangzhou work, he told reporters, "trade promoting economic growth will still be the main topic of the report, the current global trade and investment level is still lower than the 2008 to 2009 before the financial crisis. In July this year, the trade ministers’ meeting in Shanghai, the delegates reached an important consensus on trade action plan and investment policy. We look forward to the adoption of the G20 leadership summit in innovation, entrepreneurship and e-commerce and other aspects of the recommendations and ensure the implementation of. In addition, infrastructure construction is an important task, countries should increase investment in green energy and sustainable development." Milina told reporters that he was very much looking forward to the trip to Hangzhou. The historic city of Hangzhou is very beautiful. It has a long history. It is as modern as many other cities in china. It’s a great opportunity for me to go to Hangzhou. I’m sorry I can’t stay for a few days, but I’m sure I’ll be there again." (Sydney, August 30,  ); the "people’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August 21 Edition) (read: Wang Zhengqi, commissioning editor Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: