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Child mother please Yuesao handheld health certificate results was found suffering from infectious diseases 35 year old child mother be pregnant for 7 months, now is "second" after the birth of a yuesao. The boss was born, my mother found a Yuesao from Ningbo Yinzhou Tang Xi home, but 6 years later, the long retired do yuesao." So, to find a new moon’s become a pressing matter of the moment one family. Originally thought that wages can easily find small but Yuesao, unexpectedly, shortage of market Yuesao, is not just a question of money, not scheduled in advance, simply can not find good yuesao. Got four or five gold, all said no one answer. Let’s experience, many mothers common troubles. "What the requirements for the month?" Reporter asked. Rich experience." Small answer. "Will you take her to the doctor?" Reporter asked again. The small hesitated for a moment, frowning replied, "have a health certificate, no need to go to the physical examination." The sound is widespread. Behind the shortage of Yuesao, everyone thinking early please Yuesao, maternal and neonatal care, "care-laden" behind the Yuesao health problems are easily overlooked. A health certificate, was diagnosed with infectious disease in mid October, Haishu with a health certificate before the appointment Yuesao, was diagnosed with serious infectious disease. This appears to be the usual news, not a small response in Ningbo domestic service circle, Yuesao group uneven in quality, once again attracted attention. The parties to the event of infectious diseases, is a surname from Hubei aunt. The 46 year old at the beginning of October, she was introduced to an employer’s family. The employer is a young couple, the child was born a few days, I want to find a Yuesao help with the baby. Unlike other employers, which left the one young couple, although aunt hold a health certificate, but they still take her to do a comprehensive system for physical examination. In this investigation, a matter of concern. There was an infectious disease positive to aunt. Confirmed by the CDC, confirmed the disease. Domestic companies also think very scared: if the employer is not considered, once a problem, the consequences will be unimaginable. But before this, the reporter also received another maternal reflect, the latter employs more than a health certificate from Yuesao domestic companies, and medical at their own expense for them, including people with hepatitis B, Helicobacter pylori and other infectious diseases. It is understood that the current domestic workers are missing in the medical aspects of disease, by others behalf of the prosecution, etc., to produce a lot of health certificate only liver function blood tests alone, and for the health status of homemaking personnel supervision is almost a blank. Ningbo housekeeper housekeeping manager Hu Junfu said, they had to nurse in the review, found several cases of infectious disease virus carriers, then a check, the nanny health card on hand, or is false, or others. Until now, there is such a market on behalf of the company’s physical examination, specifically for those who suffer from infectious diseases. With Yuesao examination, few people.相关的主题文章: