Chengdu tram line 2 line is expected to be completed in 2018

The Chengdu tram Chengdu line 2 started across the board is expected to be commissioned in 2018 Chengdu line 2 interval effect diagram line from Chengdu railway station, PiXian West Railway Station and finally red parking lot, opened to traffic in 2018 – Tianfuzaobao reporter Li Guodong in September 28th, the Chengdu tram Chengdu Construction Engineering Line No. 2 in full swing across the board. The line from Chengdu west station, was Y, finally the PiXian West Railway Station and the red parking lot, the line length of 39.3 km, the series from Pixian, high tech Zone and the city center, the year 2018 is expected to completed. A starting point and two terminal rail transport line 2 line of Chengdu Chengdu railway line was Y type layout, is Chengdu’s first "start and end of the two" rail transit project. Among them, Chengdu west station to PiXian West Railway Station section (hereinafter referred to as the west section at Chengdu station, PI) at PiXian West Railway Station; new road to the parking lot (hereinafter referred to as the new red red section) from Xinye Road station, finally Renhe station (red parking lot). Line length of 39.3 km, of which about an elevated section of about 1.8 km. Across the board a total of 47 stations, ground stations, 45, elevated station, 2. The west section of PI specific lines to Chengdu west station, Liangong station, Shital Station Road Station – – two Earth Dragon Road Station – Xinye Road Station – Jincheng College Station – Xinda Road Station – Electronic Science Station – Jiang Dashun Road Station – letter Tianrun Road station cooperation Road Station Road Station – an – Tian Tian Ying Bu Station – Road Station – Tianyuan Road Station – Shu new avenue station – four – two Kangqiang Road Station Road station, five Aetna Aetna Road Station – Defu Avenue station, Hongqi Avenue station, Exhibition Road Station – Red Road Station – Yu Hua Shi Station – morning train station — where Highway Station – wangcong Road Station – wangcong Temple Station – Xing Street Station – pear Road Station – Pineapple Beach Station – PiXian West Railway Station, the line length of 27.4 km. A new route for the new red section concrete road station – blind road station – Baicao Road Station – Tianhe Road Station – Station Road – Longyin station — rhinoceros Southwest Jiaotong University – Road Station – Xi Pu Railway Station square rhinoceros Guoning Station – field station of Xihua University Station – station – station, in the village of Shuanglin station – Renhe Technician College Station, line a total length of 11.9 km. 2018 2013 opening will set up 42 stations and 2 lines "for a period of two", namely, red Dingxiu PI Wen west railway station parking lot, parking lot. West railway station parking lot in addition to parking function, will be combined with the surrounding existing public transport facilities to create the set of city rail transit, railway and bus of integrated transfer hub. Transfer with 4 subway lines. Deputy general manager of the Chengdu modern streetcar company to introduce more than even every Tianfuzaobao reporter, the tram is a large capacity transport, Chengdu line 2 train with 5 cars, passenger capacity of 300 people, the maximum capacity of up to 380 people. As the city of Chengdu urban rail transit network encryption and convergence line, the line will be with the subway 2, 4, 6, line 9 and the city into a railway irrigation line transfer. The main transfer station (including the Chengdu West Railway Station and Metro Line 4, line 9 transfer, iron), Tianhe Road Station (with Metro Line 2 transfer), Southwest Jiaotong University (Xi Pu Railway Station transfer and Metro Line 6), wangcong Temple (transfer station and Metro Line 6 and line PiXian West Railway Station)相关的主题文章: