Chengdu to restaurants score divided into ABCD four higher risk higher grade (video) pr011.msi

Chengdu restaurant to score: ABCD is divided into four levels the higher the risk the higher the level of the day before, "Chengdu city food production and operation risk management measures (Trial)" ("measures") officially started. Chengdu to the city’s food production operators scoring, the highest risk rating information will be entered into the Chengdu credit network. Divided into four levels, the higher the risk of the higher the way clear, food production operators from low to high risk rating for a level of risk, B risk, C level risk, D level risk of four levels. The higher the score, the higher the risk level. The risk score and 0-30 (inclusive) points, a risk; risk score and 30-45 (including B) the level of risk; risk score and 45-60 (including the C), and the risk level; risk score of 60 points or more, for D risk. Food and drug supervision and management departments according to the food production operators annual supervision and management of records, adjustment of food production operators to the level of risk, according to the level of risk to reasonably determine the daily supervision and inspection frequency, the implementation of dynamic adjustment, D level risk assessment results into the Chengdu credit network. With the rise and fall of 3 years no problem to lower grade food production operators if there are more than 1 times and the municipal or provincial and national supervision and sampling does not conform to the food safety standards; not for product recall or stop production and operation in accordance with the provisions; refuse to evade, obstruction of law enforcement personnel to carry out supervision and inspection, or refused to cooperate with law enforcement personnel according to the investigation of the case, the next year the level of risk may increase one or two levels, strengthen supervision. On the contrary, if the food production operators for 3 consecutive years did not appear above, can be reduced to a grade. The higher the risk level, the number of law enforcement officers patronage will be more. Food production operators a risk, the principle of supervision and inspection every year at least 1 times; but the D level of risk supervision and inspection at least 3 times, and determine the objects for monitoring food safety risk monitoring point, the implementation of multi frequency supervision and sampling, the specific frequency of checks by the district (city) county to determine the food and drug supervision and administration department. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that, small workshops, small grocery stores, small restaurants, small vendors are in the "measures" requirements within the scope of the "four small" refused to accept the food risk assessment and rectification, in addition to the punishment by law, will be credited to the personal credit files of food industry or other credit archives. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Wang Chun and editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading grew 10.7% national holiday national retail and catering sales of about 1 trillion and 200 billion相关的主题文章: