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"Change it in" star Qu Ying was too messy Tucao is man’s home entertainment Tencent jointly build, by Anhui satellite TV and Media Department of water Bei Wen day exclusive broadcast title all star Home Furnishing transformation life service program "Star" in the second phase change it tonight (September 13th) 22: 00 splendid performance. Following Ken Chu and his wife’s first show, Qu Ying confirmed to join, bring private home space to the program site, with the designer to explore the significance of home improvement. What is Qu Ying’s daily life for the first time? The host and the designer because of what shocked on the spot? Tonight is about to be revealed. Qu Ying joined the transformation of privacy of personal space imaginative designer to build my space design of the first domestic all star Home Furnishing transformation life service programs, together to create, by Anhui TV joint Media Department of water Bei Wen day exclusive broadcast title "Star" in the variety, carrying four designers to meet tough challenges. Qu Ying came with the private space to the scene, hoping to transform into a complex atmosphere of life, to meet the large use of small space. For the first time to join the Home Furnishing program, let Qu Ying also very excited, not only for the designer to frequently design skills, for the first time to reveal their home life, talk about the secret to bargain, "air" flavor of the interactive show constantly hilarious scene. Talking about the favorite home design, Qu Ying admitted that compared to the simple atmosphere of the model space, they prefer casual atmosphere of life, the pursuit of a comfortable life. Because love life, like the sun, so the daily entertainment, sunny room has become the home of the transformation of the site. Although the size of the home can be, but the room is relatively small, I hope to have a place to relax their own." Not only that, because I also love at home, drink a few cups and friends, so I hope to meet at the same time, the transformation of a relax and easy to get along with friends of the private space. You can have the audio-visual, leisure and entertainment, fitness function, but also taking into account the needs of study, restaurant, teahouse interaction, less than 20 square meters of space to satisfy the 7 functions? Qu Ying’s request to make the design difficult straight up. Finally, a designer called Zhu Yuxiao and Ken Chu Han Wenwen for the success of the program to create a living room designer Aellen took the challenge. Two designers will be through their own clever home design to win the favor of the goddess Qu Ying? This program is about to show you. Qu Ying’s first exposure to personal living space messy space was Tucao this is a man’s house it not only brings about the transformation of the demand, the joining program, Qu Ying’s personal life space is also the first exposure. In order to more comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the state of Qu Ying’s daily life at home, the program group visited the site in particular, came to the shooting of the Qu Yingjia, and will need to be converted to 100 percent of the sun room to copy the program. Unlike the previous Ken Chu and his wife, the couple’s rough marriage room, the home of the space is quite a breath of life in the city of. Sanshiliangting room with comfortable, everywhere plants and dolls have revealed that the young woman’s heart. However, the contrast is that the need to transform the sun room is messy. Randomly placed in the home of friends and dolls, drink leftovers, messy Library相关的主题文章: