By the office of the endowment insurance scam is a debt of deputy chief for self-protection alarm Ne didadi

By the office of the endowment insurance scam is a debt of deputy chief for self-protection alarm – Sohu news on 2014, in Xianyang city pension insurance agencies for business, Xianyang woman Chen Xiang (a pseudonym) in the unit of a deputy chief Yu a, other commitments can help her to pay pension. In accordance with the requirements of a Chen Yu, 3 gave Yu a more than 10 yuan, but at the beginning of May of this year, the mobile phone will not open. To inquire about endowment insurance situation, the staff would make Chen Xiang surprised out in a cold sweat, "Yu was arrested, and quickly went to the police." A party was received three times the money has hit the ious receipt on December 2014 day, Chen Xiang to the Xianyang city pension insurance consulting agencies continued to pay pension insurance matters, the "good" Man Yu a met in the service hall, the other said is the deputy chief of the personal account management department. Service hall in the public sector there is a certain name, post and photos." Chen Xiang said, after seeing her file, Yu immediately said he can handle, but need to prepare 60 thousand yuan, if not enough to fill. In second days, the agencies Yu an office, Chen Xiang will be 60 thousand yuan in cash to the Yu a, and the other only played a receipt for his personal signature. Chen Xiang presented written on the receipt, "received pay pension of 60 thousand yuan, if there is a problem in the process of handling money to repay." About half a year later, Chen Xiang received a phone call, the other said things do very well, but also need more than 10 thousand yuan. See each other to have the whole Youling money, Chen Xiang did not hesitate to put the money in a depression. The thought of their own old-age insurance will soon be able to do it, but after a month, Yu once again called for money, the reason is that the age of the file in question Chen Xiang, need 30 thousand yuan rbi". Thinking has spent more than 70 thousand yuan, Chen Xiang soon gave Yu a $30 thousand. This time, a taxi from Yu receipt into iou. After getting the money to let Chen Xiang feel at ease to go home to wait for a pension, for which Chen Xiang was also excited for a while. The insider said: a lot of money to get cheated the deputy chief of the police themselves within a year, many times to ask what Chen Yu a progress, the other always do is say, until the beginning of May of this year, Yu Mou phone no longer connected. Aware of the possibility of an accident, Chen Xiang rushed to the Xianyang endowment insurance agency to find a Yu, the results found that the name of the wall Yu and photos have disappeared. But the staff after it is to let Chen Xiang scared out in a cold sweat, "Yu was arrested, immediately report to the public security bureau." Chen Xiang said, the day she in Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Branch of Interpol squadron learned new Weicheng, Yu a Xingju, there are also many people cheated. These people are cheated, but like her to do their own, there are a lot of people is to help others, less cheated twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, there are more than 60000 yuan. And Chen Xiang, like Wu Gang (a pseudonym) is also encountered in the Xianyang city endowment insurance agency after being cheated. Wu Gang recalls, when a certain file to see his can do, but to pay 25000 yuan fee". Because bin相关的主题文章: