By the end of the car needs to be rational, inventory of the most popular seven SUV agogoktv

At the end of Car Buying to be rational, inventory of several of the most selling seven SUV with the autumn, the cold weather, the car entered the city at the end of the sales season, the eleven period, the brands have made promotional cards for the "golden nine silver ten" market share. As the seven seat SUV on behalf of consumers in recent years, TOYOTA Highlander, Ford Rui community has been impressive, and the Dodge Charger with 2016 travel version listed the heat rising, into a family of seven SUV market a dark horse. Today, Xiao Bian will help the prospective prospective owners of the car, rational comparison of these three hot selling seven SUV! Haranda (guide price: 23.98-42.28 million) Haranda is the pioneer of "big seven" SUV market segments, introduced since 2009 China has accumulated a certain amount of reserves, while TOYOTA stable quality image and brand influence are fueling position of Haranda in the market. Power is the biggest selling point of the Highlander, the new 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum output power of 220 horsepower, peak torque of 350 nm, promote the performance of the Highlander still have. As for the 3.5L engine is not recommended for individuals, its maximum output power of 273 horsepower, peak torque of 335 cattle m, with the limited gap between the 2.0T only has symbolic significance. The standard list manipulation of Hanlan more excellent, and contributed to this evolution, mainly due to the suspension system, to strengthen the electronic auxiliary direction optimum wheel and four wheel drive vehicle Dynamic Torque Control AWD system. The Highlander used suspension system with double A arm before and after McPherson,; suspension spring and shock absorber in the system especially for the manipulation of the Highlander needs for adjustment. As for the Dynamic Torque Control AWD 4WD system provide output ratio of 100:0 to 50:50 before and after the round, as for how to adjust the rear output, by vehicle speed, steering, throttle and other information. In addition, also to strengthen and optimize the electric power steering, so as to control the character points further highlander. Safety equipment, standard 8 Highlander airbags, and has a dynamic ESC electronic control system, TCS traction control system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system, ABS anti lock brakes. All cars are standard reversing the developing system and an auxiliary system, and the four wheel drive vehicle has AWD Lock 4WD lock function. Other active safety devices include BSM blind spot detection system, lane deviation warning, rear traffic alert and collision warning system. Ford sharp (guide price: 24.98-42.98 million) sharp, Changan Ford maverick, wing stroke after the launch of the third SUV models, its location is a medium-sized SUV, size is also larger than the old version of the import version of sharp, and the 7 seat layout 2+3+2. In the design, the forward air grille adopts a new hexagonal family design, and the atmosphere is not lost. The vehicle side of the line is extremely flexible, combined with the engine.相关的主题文章: