Beijing Tibet high-speed Qinghai small gap to Chaoyang section of the full closed 3 months liuxiaobo

High speed Beijing Tibet Qinghai small gap to Chaoyang section construction closed 3 months – Beijing Beijing in September 12 Xining Xinhua (reporter Hu Guilong) reporter 12, 15 from the Qinghai provincial highway law enforcement office was informed that, since at 0:00 on September 20th to at 0:00 on December 20th, Beijing Tibet high speed small gap to Chaoyang section (K1785+000-K1815+797) two-way closed construction, the road passing vehicles must be re planning to bypass line. In order to achieve Xining city outer ring network of city traffic pattern, alleviate the traffic pressure in the city of Xining, the smooth progress of the Beijing Tibet Expressway Xining train station overpass project, Xining East (Xiakou) interchange reconstruction project, a highway overpass across the line of civil engineering construction, decided to implement two-way closed construction on the road. Pictured press conference site. Hu Guilong taken Qinghai province highway law enforcement corps Captain Dan Lu main said, the closed during the traffic control at a total of 6, respectively: Ning Expressway into the high-speed Beijing Tibet (Northern Line) ramp; Beijing Tibet Expressway (Northern Line) Chaoyang entrance (chase direction caojiabao and closed); the southern Beltway interchange Beijing Tibet Expressway mainline; South beltway caojiabao West and Beijing Tibet expressway entrance ramp (Northern Line); Beijing Tibet Expressway (Northern Line) rhyme ieguchi ramp; Tongren Road South transit viaduct Beijing Tibet Chaoyang entrance ramp (Northern Line). According to Qinghai during the high-speed traffic police department responsible person, closed, along the Beijing Tibet Expressway (Northern Line) to Xining Lanzhou from the direction of the vehicle by the airport expressway interchange diverted to the southern Beltway (South). Along the Beijing Tibet Expressway (Northern Line) to help, from Lanzhou Huangyuan direction of the vehicle by the Zha Ma Long high-speed exchange of diversion to the southern Beltway (South), in addition, from Guide, Datong and other places via the road drivers are to be pre arranged travel routes. In addition, the southern Beltway Shen Zhai high-speed interchange opened on September 20th landing (forbidden line), connected with the Xining city road. Qinghai Highways Department suggested that the majority of the masses and past passengers according to the notice requirements choose arrange travel routes and time, ensure safe and smooth road traffic. (end)相关的主题文章: