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Beijing Hyundai Jingcheng shop 13 anniversary   accept listed in Hainan — Hainan —   channel; [auto] Hainan October 22nd, Beijing Hyundai Jingcheng store Huacheng group ushered in the 13 anniversary. Hainan Jingcheng shop is the first batch of Beijing modern 4S shop, 13 years, Hainan Jingcheng shop adhering to the "customer-oriented" service concept, has won many awards and honors of the factory, and more than 4 owners of the trust and support, and said, Shou contract re credit enterprises in Hainan province. [event] [Huacheng group Huacheng store general manager Mr. Huang Jianhua] anniversary on the same day, as the "high intelligence small car — made the new energy car exquisite" pleasing is also listed in Hainan, accepted four door car three edition, a total of 5 1.4L and 1 1.6L two displacement 6 models, the price range of 72 thousand and 800 yuan -10.58 yuan. Accepted in 2 fluid sculpture design language based on the design idea of using "Keen-edged" edge, filling the atmosphere, stylish, dynamic style. Mouth style chrome grille, sharp LED daytime driving lights + suspended headlamps abnormal relentless fastback design; with two echoed up and down the waistline strong; ducktail rear styling and LED band distributed integrated rear lamp, concise fashion; vehicle with double five 16 inch double color Aluminum Alloy hub that is acceptable to create a strong sense of movement, hard-edged. Interior part of the Modern Elegance (modern elegance) design concept to create a sense of class and a more youthful atmosphere. Emphasis on the functional layout of the human body, 7 inch embedded multimedia screen, the piano area of the piano paint decoration, multi color interior trim, everywhere exudes a delicate, trendy atmosphere. 4380× 1728× 1460mm long wheelbase body size and 2600mm full advantage, perfect body proportions with senior leather seats, large size electric sunroof, and a comprehensive optimization of NVH performance and chassis structure, create from within my comfortable ride. At the same time, the large size glove box, before and after the door storage tank 18 485L large storage space and trunk space, whether to carry luggage to travel or walk in the city traffic, can easily cope with. The unique intelligent pleasing trunk opening function, users carry smart key station in the rear of the car in the range of 1m, can automatically open the trunk, the complete liberation of hands; the first is also equipped with apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife intelligent mobile phone Internet system, adding the driving pleasure and convenience; the more equipped with domestic cars in the first integrated Bracelet smart key H-Band, can open the door locks, engine start stop function, also support the pedometer, monitoring heart rate, make a fitness plan and other useful features. A number of times with the smart technology will fully meet the young people’s enthusiasm and demand for smart vehicle interconnection. Wyatt in the power and control are good performance, to meet the young people on the speed and control of the pursuit of the ultimate pursuit. Yue satisfied with the new Kappa 1;相关的主题文章: