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A round of $100 million financing for ROOBO released in September 21st the robot of artificial intelligence system, artificial intelligence Chinese startup ROOBO breath released ROOBO artificial intelligence and intelligent robot system, DOMGY pet robot and a big wave of dazzling new robot. In this the name is "redefining the robot" theme and fall product strategy conference, Beijing intelligent housekeeper Technology Co. Ltd. (ROOBO) announced the $100 million A round of financing, has become a China robot of artificial intelligence field is a maximum of A round of financing. How to redefine the robot? ROOBO is committed to the development of artificial intelligence robot system, to reshape the posture, act tough and talk soft "robot era of human-computer interaction and applied ecology, have been after the news, TechCrunch and other top domestic and foreign media reports, the China Intelligent Company shows that enterprises in the artificial China robot era leader in the starting line" ability and determination. The ROOBO core team debut, announced a $100 million A round of financing the upcoming Revolution: after the ROOBO system gives the robot "personality" conference, CEO Liu Yingbo led all the core team officially released the ROOBO artificial intelligence robot system and DOMGY intelligent pet robot, J2 commercial service robot, quadruped robot and other new products. Among them, DOMGY intelligent pet robot is a good interpretation of what is to be understood, accepted and loved by the intelligent robot. DOMGY as the main vice president of new products and Chen Chen conducted a live interaction, lively and playful, became the biggest star. DOMGY can not only identify the text information, but also to grasp the rhythm of language and emotion, to judge the character of the character and depth learning. Through the use of computer vision, DOMGY can recognize family members and family pets, 3D recognition space, but also follow the path set by the host security patrol, keen to capture abnormal picture and timely upload pictures to remind the owner APP. DOMGY, who has the mind and the ability to express emotions, is no longer a cold machine, but a smart pet with family. DOMGY intelligent pet robot and Chen Yi Autonomous interactive system + independent chip in the field: ROOBO redefines interactive conference robot era, ROOBO CTO Lei Yu introduced ROOBO artificial intelligence robot system to redefine the robot era of human-computer interaction. ROOBO intelligent robot system main interactive shortest path, interactive initiative, as well as with emotional interaction, so that the machine has the intelligence of people, and people can have emotional, ideological communication. At the same time, Yu Yu also highlights the country’s first commercial production of artificial intelligence chip CI1006, which is based on the Asic architecture of the DNN speech recognition chip. It can make up for the intelligent robot "brains" and the audio sensing terminal, reduce processing products rely on the network using the neural network of local data, and enhance the response speed of the robot control, achieve the best products.相关的主题文章: