Kim · Kardashian was robbed of 70 million jewels, foreign media said that because she too loves

Kim · Kardashian was robbed of 70 million jewels, foreign media said that because she too loves wealth… These days the weather is getting cold, Beijing is cloudy, light rain, cool breeze Xixi, let Fanzhu feel really is a good time to eat at Hot pot horror ah ~ ~ omega = in the main fan brush with mobile phone eating corn when suddenly see Hin terrorist thing. Kardashian was a burglary, and a grab is 9 million euro, about 70 million yuan (see the world’s main fan is a bit mask) show Kim Kardashian these days Kardashian is to participate in the Paris fashion week, it happened in the evening of October 2nd, Kardashian lived in Paris for a private, safe, luxury the private apartments, by 5 criminals burglary stun robbery, this hotel has 9 rooms, no website do not advertise, the rooms need to sign, very mysterious, originally only grandees (however now the whole world knows The whole world knows that the "(,)) Red Gate of the hotel according to the Paris police speculated that 5 gunmen armed robbery may be international jewelry theft gang" Pink Panther "(Pink Panthers) of the members of this group of professional thieves all over the world the world trained with regularity, stole the precious jewelry, more than and 300 cases of crime, stealing about 280 million European jewelry (really Rio Diao), this time from a jewelry box. Kardashian, the jewelry worth 9 million euro, which is the highlight of this, Kanye Kardashian gave the value of 4 million 500 thousand euro 20 karat diamond yes, it’s a few days ago still has no eat sun Instagram melon masses to ask it, with tens of millions of RMB all day sloshing, nobody around to protect? Of course, just the day just around, Kardashian’s bodyguard is the beard eldest brother, shortly before she still Instagram "abandon" brother always appear in her photo (~. ~) film jewel thief "Pink Panther" robbery on the same day, the suspect "Pink Panther" is obviously done enough prepare, in advance that the beard bodyguard is not around, and disguised as police into the hotel, fast accurate success of the crime, but because they are afraid of the occupation to grandees (omega), the thief is eyeing will take to Tokyo in 2004, 2 Pink Panther members into Ginza the jewelry store and stole a 116 diamond, 1225 carats, $31 million Necklace in Dubai in 2007, 8 members of the two Audi open into a jewelry store and stole 8 million Watch And the jewelry and the pink panther is the principle of gentleman robbery, only to grab something harmless (really pay attention), it sounds really like the movie as the main fan let a little blood, no no, theft is incorrect (serious face), but the main fan or going to recall some of the film (~ for example, eleven Arhats). From what Kardashian like this but make life into reality show celebrity, live what privacy is no good hotel, foreign media think it is because she was too fond of flaunting: Kardashian’s life is like a window of time to show off a successful model, loot)相关的主题文章: