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Refused to apply for a card finally know how important an application form for the card has been, there are a lot of cards to the card sister Tucao: apply for a credit card was rejected! Why do banks always love me?" , and even some of the cards for a large credit card to spend a lot of time and money, but the bank will keep you out of the door, in the end is why? Calm, calm! In fact, the approval of the bank credit card, there is a certain standard, although each bank evaluation standards are different, but the basic are "whether there is a stable job, credit is good, no financial proof" of these topics you will listen to a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a cocoon. Today, Kata’s little is known of the internal bank approval standards, may not cause your card number, right here. We all know that in the SIM card to fill in a form, don’t look down on the table, the credit card application form is directly determined by the credit card application is approved, the amount of size, especially the following must carefully fill in, maybe the banks do not grant you the card because it is! A marriage, married married nonparous > > unmarried, just fill in the can, if the age of over 30 unmarried, banks may think you are not stable. Two, the housing situation is recommended when the card is prepared to prove the assets (room, car, bank deposits). Own residential loans > owned residential loans > unit apartment > rent, if not to buy a house, may wish to write their own home address. Residence time is also a reference term, generally more than one year more stable, the longer the better. Three, residential phone, address residential phone to focus on, many applicants that fill in the phone number will not fill the residential phone. In fact, the bank set up a residential phone, a major investigation of the stability of the applicant. So, don’t ignore this. Whether it is owned or rented, be sure to fill in residential address. With residential phone, the bank set up this one is also investigating your stability. If not, don’t make it! Four, the unit address, telephone address has a unit can reflect whether you are working, so fill in the application form do not fall. And write the full name. Forget to fill the unit phone is the reason for the failure of many people card. Bank telephone calls will be made to call, in order to investigate the stability of your work. Five, income, income in a length of service skills, fill in, avoid fabrications. Of course, do not forget the tax on the basis of social security, provident fund, welfare, year-end awards. Length of service is a direct indication of the stability of your work, but also an indirect indication of the sustainability of your income. Some cards are very honest, according to the actual situation directly into the post 1011 months. Here, may wish to fill in a number of estimates, more than 1 years. Six, contact contact with immediate family members and other contacts of the 2 categories, stable family address, stable and high income friends, etc.. In a word, to fill the bank is a stable group of the most resourceful approach. Card sister is not recommended to fill in a fixed job or income, address unstable friends and relatives. More than four kinds of circumstances are easy to ignore the important information card friends, if you find the reasons for the above, you can change in a timely manner, card sister can only send you a word – then pick up again!相关的主题文章: