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Do not let the science and Technology Museum became Playground – Sohu culture channel with the national science popularization day once a year, shengguangdian science facilities technology in the stadium before full of curious children. It is gratifying, but the science and technology museum should not be built playground, weekdays make science popular in mind on more important, normalization of science edutainment still needs to be strengthened. Some parents reflect, usually with the child to the science and Technology Museum, found the venue, with facilities, the lack of a good teacher, no one to talk about scientific truth, answer the question of children". The children lined up very long, to experience the play down, just feel strange, funny, but does not understand the scientific truth. Parents, then point to the current point of science pain. Now a lot of science and Technology Museum, the museum’s hardware facilities have been gradually keep up with the pace of the times, the use of sound and light and other means to narrow the distance with the visitors to attract people’s attention and participation. According to the survey, as of the end of 2014, the national science and Technology Museum to 409, science and Technology Museum increased to 724. The use of popular science facilities in our country is roughly the same as that of the United states. Venues and more advanced facilities, but also to attract children to experience, and is precisely the lack of a good teacher in the bridge between the visitors and science facilities – Science workers. Whether it is popular to explain the effect of science is very different. No one to explain, visitors on the fly and play happily, if someone is easy to explain, the children will be able to repeat the impressive, hear scientific truth. Science and Technology Museum is the base for the popularization of scientific knowledge, so that young people should have a sense of access to more scientific literacy, and not just become a playground. There are a lot of ways to improve the way of popular science in china. On the one hand, simple indoctrination can not meet people’s curiosity, the need to address the problem of personnel to explain the material back. On the other hand, it is necessary to recruit science and technology personnel and college students to alleviate the shortage of science personnel. Popular science needs to persevere, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, rather than just hot in science days these days. Children are the future of the country, in the face of science and technology is not a simple explanation of young people, but to open the children’s imagination and thinking space, given their knowledge of the harvest, the inspiration of ideas. Only to lay this foundation for the popularization of science, the popularization of scientific knowledge, the dissemination of scientific spirit and scientific thought, advocating scientific method "was not in vain, national innovation wisdom to fully release and innovative power to full play. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Weihan相关的主题文章: