Young people turned into a good business big screen, but also the delicate charm of the blue Max exp 步步高i606

Young people turned good business big screen, big but also delicate Charm Blue Max experience – Sohu technology this year, Meizu conference week, does bring good sales. But this week, in addition to some of the last year, the upgrading of conventional products, but also a lot more new products before. In addition to a series of Charm Blue Charm Blue normal upgrade 3, Charm Blue note3, also added a charm blue E (alternative Charm Blue metal), Charm Blue 3S, Charm Blue U10 U20 (the main line of the market), and the release of the charm blue Max is a new category, hit the big screen business. Has always been the main young and fashionable charm blue, and the business combination, to become "big screen business mobile phone" for young people, such a history of the largest screen mobile phone Meizu, will become the first choice for young people in the business? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What is the specific performance? Let’s take a look at my evaluation. Write in front of such a 6 inch large screen phone, the main business crowd, so the inevitable advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Under such a large size, targeted at the business crowd of those features and ultra long standby will be the focus of my experience, which is the main selling point of Charm Blue Max. Of course, the article will still be through the design, screen display, camera imaging, system UI and performance of the 5 parts of life, and strive to bring you a true and rich experience sharing. A, appearance design: large Charm Blue E, but the work is still very fine before opening, give you a look at a simple box Charm Blue Max, let everyone have a simple impression and understanding of the charm of blue Max. On the packaging, the charm of the blue Max packaging is different from other products, it should be re build the way of packaging, two layers of parcels, highlighting Max. Thanks very much to the trust of Sohu technology, so that I can feel the first time to prepare for this young business phone. Open the outer layer of white packaging, which is the entire blue outer packing, or very distinctive. The Internet is still the traditional mobile phone accessories: mobile phone body, manual, warranty card, card, charger and data lines, Charm Blue Max support 24W fast charging, battery + fast charging, very awesome. Since the phone has done more weeks, it will inevitably be abandoned in some ways. I do not know because the product line is mature or because of the needs of the design, the charm of the blue Max contour design continues Meizu consistent design style. Single look from the design, Charm Blue Max is simply a big Charm Blue E, the whole design is not so smooth, more founder. And with the popularity of this year’s pre fingerprint, we put the fingerprint identification and elliptical Home key combination, just look at the front panel, a lot of mobile phones and Meizu, like the probability of hitting the face is getting bigger and bigger. Charm Blue Max interest screen layout of the entire front panel, in this year is very popular, it should be said that we have begun to look like meizu. After all, Meizu is the first to start with the front fingerprint + oval Home button design. And Charm Blue Max also continued in the work of Meizu has always been fine, interest screen, pure black panel +2.5D glass design, the United States and the United States under the sun beauty.相关的主题文章: