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UnCategorized If you compile and store documents in the course of your business, save yourself time and money by contracting with a Philadelphia document management company. They can offer you a variety of services above and beyond anything you can provide yourself. In addition to compiling, scanning, and archiving your documents, they also offer shredding services where they can safety and securely destroy documents that you no longer need. They are experienced with records management and can provide you with the customized services that fit the specific needs of your business. When it comes to storing your documents, most Philadelphia document management companies have their own boxes that you can purchase at a reduced cost. Most will also allow you to use your own boxes if you so choose. This will depend on the location where your records will be stored and the amount of space that you need. Providing your own boxes can be a great benefit to your business. You will have uniformity and be able to recognize boxes that contain your records. However, you will be charged with the task of purchasing and storing the boxes on your own prior to placing your documents inside. This is an additional task that you are trying to avoid by contracting with an offsite storage company. Companies do offer you a low cost option to providing your own boxes. As they are in the document storage business, not the box providing business, they often sell boxes as a convenience to you (not a profit for them). As such, they will usually sell you boxes at their cost or a little over in order to cover their fees associated with purchasing the boxes. This will not only help you save money as you are not paying retail, but it will also save you time as you can have them bring boxes to your facility as opposed to driving to your local office supply store and trying to load them in the back of your Honda. Regardless of the option you choose, you can provide your own boxes or purchase them from the company. It is suggested to purchase them from the company as it is a convenience and it will save you money; however, the decision is always up to you. Always check the policy of your company to make sure you are familiar with the company’s policy and box size restrictions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: