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367 pen large transactions revealed key information: big money on the stock micro signal source: Securities Times net; Author: Yang Guoqiang this week, A shares market remained relatively strong, the stock index rose 0.89% weeks, two city and large trading company number more than last week, but turnover has declined. According to the latest Wind data show that this week (October 17th to October 21st), the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city a total of 367 pen block trade transaction, involving 165 shares, representing an increase of 7.8% over last week; turnover of 997 million shares, 16.4% less than last week; turnover of 12 billion 756 million yuan, 5% less than last week. From the bulk of trading stock turnover, the sunshine city to 1 billion 54 million yuan turnover in the first place, the unit 18, 31 pen large transactions, a total of nearly 176 million shares, in addition to a buyer for the business department, the buyer and seller are institutions dedicated seats. GREE turnover of 954 million yuan ranked second, the stock of 17 days and 19 days respectively a block trade transaction, trading volume was 169 thousand shares, 4 million 953 thousand shares; 21, the unit again appeared in two large transactions, turnover totaled 42 million 878 thousand and 500 shares, the discount rate of 12.48%. At the same time, 21 pen large transactions, turnover of 1 pens for both buyers and sellers of gold in Guangzhou Tianhe Road business department, and the other a seller for the business department. In addition, Wanfeng auto, Midea Group, Beijing urban construction of the bulk trading week were third, four or five, turnover was 698 million yuan, 453 million yuan, 443 million yuan. This week, the bulk of the transaction volume of the top 10 from the bulk of the transaction discount rate, the discount rate of more than 10% this week, there are more than a total of 56 transactions. The Golden Bridge Information discount 17.87% discount rate this week for the first time, but the stock for three consecutive weeks of trading, rose as high as 27.26%. Dalian electromagnetic 18 to a discount of 16.78%, a large deal, but the weekly gains also reached $16.11%. It is worth mentioning that this week, the discount rate in the top 10 stocks have achieved positive gains. This week, the bulk of the transaction discount rate of 10 from the bulk of the transaction premium transaction situation, this week, a total of a total of 32 pen premium transactions, including the premium rate of more than 10% pen in more than three. For a medical and large trading 76 thousand shares in 18, turnover of 2 million 960 thousand yuan, a premium rate of 11.01%, ranking first in the premium rate this week. Shuangluyaoye, Kweichow Moutai respectively in 17 days, 20 days a turnover, the premium rate is respectively 10.37%, 10.33%, second and three respectively in the. In addition, Poly Real estate, Yongxing special steel, Ganbikang shares also appeared large turnover rate in more than 8% of the premium. This week, the bulk of the transaction premium rate of the top 10 as an important force in the market mechanism (which includes only a special seat of the statistics), this week, through the sale of bulk trading stronger than buying. The total number of seats for a total of 183 million yuan to buy a total of about 37 yuan, the amount of $1 billion 299 million, sold as a total of 285 million seats sold a total of 45 shares, the transaction amount of $1 billion 961 million. Full week net sold 662 million yuan. Specific point of view, the sun;相关的主题文章: